Blend and Boost, an industry game changer, introduces a fully personalized moisturizer, seriously!

Blend and Boost Skincare

The skin care products that work the best for me are creams or serums that accommodate my unique skin complexion—a combination of really dehydrated skin that can look dull with areas around the mouth and t-zone that are prone to breakouts. Although most skin care brands talk about the idea of customizable skin care for a customer’s particular needs, there really isn’t such a thing as a truly customized skin care cream on the market. So often I find myself toting at least four to five different products on top of my cleanser and exfoliator in my cosmetic bag to get the results I want. But the new line Blend and Boost changes that dramatically, announcing itself as an industry game changer.

Blend and Boost, is built on the philosophy that “one cream does not fit all,” says Dr. Julia Carroll, MD, FRCPC, dermatologist, co-founder and director of Compass Dermatology, who carries the skin care line in her practice and has been using the line personally for more than a year now.

What Makes Blend and Boost Different?

“People are individuals and their cosmetic needs should be addressed through an individualized lens,” says Dr. Carroll who admits she has never seen anything like Blend and Boost before.

The process of beginning a patient on Blend and Boost Skincare starts off with a complete skin analysis of the patient with a trained doctor or esthetician. Your medical and skin history is also taken into account in order to decipher the perfect fit.

“The patient’s skin cream’s base is then chosen from the base categories offered by the brand of anti-aging, moisturizing, oily and sensitive. We further customize the product by adding boosters or active ingredients that address the patient’s specific concerns,” explains Dr. Carroll.

The line features 13 active ingredients to address various complexion concerns including redness, acne, pigmentation, fine lines, dryness and irritation. That means the concentration levels of each active can be specialized just for your skin. Also, there’s no longer a need for a separate serum, booster, essence and moisturizer because the unique formula that is compounded through the help of a doctor and compounding pharmacy addresses everything you want to target in one single cream.

Once a formula is created, it's reviewed by the doctor and sent out to a compounding pharmacy only to return as a unique cream made just for you in a matter of days. Pretty astounding, right?

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Streamline Your Skin Care Regimen

A personalized skin cream retails at $150 and will last about six months, an amazing price especially since now you’ll be buying fewer products because

of the multitasking formula you’ve got on your hands. Blend and Boost is only available through a skin care specialist’s clinic given its reliance on the patient-doctor relationship in order to derive the specialized formula—we wouldn’t have this any other way, since this kind of revolutionary product requires serious dermatology knowledge.

“My patients are busy professionals who don’t have time for a long beauty routine,” says Dr. Carroll who offers the line at Compass Dermatology because of its convenient all-in-one delivery and reliance on specific active ingredients and scientific-based evidence. “Blend and Boost allows me to streamline a patient’s routine and they love it.”

Sensitive Skin? No Problem!

Blend and Boost also works well for individuals with particularly reactive skin since your doctor can vary ingredient concentrations based on one’s tolerance and reaction.

“I had one patient with very sensitive skin who has given up on all products except water. She was frustrated because she wanted to be proactive with her skin care,” says Dr. Carroll. Dr. Carroll gradually added actives in order to determine what ingredients worked well for her and she now no longer has any irritation.

With results like this already documented, there's really no reason not to try Blend and Boost if you're feeling unsatisfied with your current skin care products.