The beauty benefits of diamond powder go beyond a little sparkle.

160909SpotlightonDiamondPowder mainCommonly known for being a girl's best friend, this gemstone also works as an exfoliating agent and helps camouflage skin imperfections. Here, we get the scoop on diamond powder from three top beauty experts.

"Through the use of a photoluminescent diamond powder, G.M. Collin Diamond Cream and Serum manipulate light by converting invisible ultraviolet light to blue light. The particles settle into one’s wrinkles and emanate a subtle blue glow that provides both a soft focus effect and radiance to reduce the appearance of wrinkles." - Karen Asquith, National Director of Education fro G.M. Collin

"Diamond powder is used in cosmetics to bring radiance and luminosity, resulting in younger-looking skin. Studies have shown that skin colour variation and facial topology (wrinkles, lines, microrelief) largely influence the perceived age of a person. By reflecting light on the surface of the skin, diamond powder helps provide an overall brightening effect. The shadowed areas become illuminated, and imperfections diminish in appearance. The skin also gets a healthy glow, commonly associated with younger skin. The Rodial Pink Diamond range contains an innovative active serum where diamond is binded to the core of a particle to provide a brightening effect." - Melanie Khoury, Head of New Product Development for Rodial Group

"The ability of diamond powder to instantly minimize the look of pores and provide a soft-focus blurring effect makes it an essential anti-aging ingredient for anyone with stubborn pores and fines lines. It is also used in skin care as an exfoliator to invigorate the skin by removing old dead skin. The Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel by Benefit, is a lightweight and water-based mattifying gel designed to overpower shine and absorb surface oil." - Julie Bell, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing for Benefit Cosmetics