Stay protected and healthy from head to toe this summer so you can walk with confidence.

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Your Skin and the Sun

Simply put, summer skin care is all about sun protection. Use a serum to deliver nutrients that repair skin damage from UV rays. Dr. Marcie Ulmer, MD, FRCPC, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor of dermatology at Pacific Dermaesthetics in Vancouver, says, “Vitamin C is a naturally occurring antioxidant incorporated into cosmeceuticals, such as serums, with the goal of preventing and treating sun damage. It neutralizes damaging free radicals and protects cells from oxidative stress.”

Since we’re sweating more in the summer months, our bodies naturally lose moisture. Toners can be helpful to keep the skin clean and hydrated. “Toners are most often used to remove oil and debris from the skin,” explains Dr. Ulmer. “Many toners on the market are for patients with oily skin, but some are formulated to be hydrating and help replenish lost moisture.

Check to see if your skin care products have photosensitizing ingredients, which means that the ingredients’ chemistry changes with light exposure. “Certain ingredients that you may find in exfoliating, acne and antiaging products can increase photosensitivity,” says Dr. Ulmer. “Some examples are alpha-hydroxy acids, including glycolic acid, salicylic acid and prescription and over-the-counter forms of retinoids. Absolute avoidance isn’t always necessary, but adequate sun protection is.”

Your Skincare Super Heroes

sun protection skincare products

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum, $66, Sephora,; Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Tonic, $28, Sephora,; Obagi Medical Healthy Skin Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion, $59.40, at medispas and doctors’ offices; Avène Emulsion SPF 50+, $26, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Slimming Down

While there’s no doubt that summer is a great motivator to take your workout outside and tackle your weight loss goals, there are some hard-to-slim areas that exercise alone can’t treat. Body-contouring treatments have grown immensely popular in the past few years among men and women who are looking to slim down. Dr. Diane Wong, MD, a cosmetic physician and owner of Glow Medi Spa, uses My Pollogen body-contouring treatments with her patients.
“[My Pollogen] uses radiofrequency and is a heat-based treatment that targets the fat cells specifically at the subcutaneous layer,” says Dr. Wong. “The fat cells shrink as the liquid fat is released and are, in turn, used by the body as fuel. At the same time, collagen heats in the dermis, which tightens the skin. The result: a smooth reshaping of the treated area with precise and customized contouring.” Dr. Wong’s most requested treatment area? “The most common treatment is, by far, the tummy area. This bothersome pouch can be effectively reduced during lunchtime treatments with no downtime.” This treatment is safe for the summer months, explains Dr. Wong: “The beauty of this radio frequency treatment is that it is not as restrictive as many of our laser and light-based treatments. We can still treat with a tan unless the skin is irritated or infl amed from signifi cant sun exposure.” Patients can see results after one treatment, but six treatments are recommended for optimal results.

COST: $350 per treatment, six treatments for $1580

Bronze Beauty

Enhance your natural glow with some of our favourite bronzers to take you from looking fresh for your day at the o ce to getting all dolled up for date night. For a seamless fi nish, always make sure to exfoliate your skin (at least once a week) and follow up with a hydrating moisturizer. The hydrated and soft skin allows for an even veil of bronze sans the presence of dry patches. Here our some of our summer favourites:

summer bronzing products

Quo Summer 2016 Limited-Edition Collection Bronzer, Sunny Days, $22, Shoppers Drug Mart; Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse, $65, Sephora,; Clinique For Men Face Bronzer, $24, The Bay,

Keep Your Feet Smooth!

Taking good care of your feet extends beyond just getting a fresh pedicure. Dr. Hartley Miltchin, DMP, a doctor of podiatric medicine at Accent on Feet, shares tips on keeping your feet healthy so you can enjoy your summer pain-free.

1) Remember to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet. The skin on the top of your feet is extremely sensitive and very susceptible to painful sunburn.

2) Moisturize your skin to diminish dryness, cracking, corns and calluses. The skin on your feet can lose up to eight pints of moisture every day from excessive perspiration. Using a body-moisturizing cream on rough, dry feet won’t help because foot skin is 20 times thicker, so most regular creams won’t work. Instead, try CeraVe Renewing SA Foot Cream ($7.99, cerave. com) which contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin D3, ceramides and proprietary MVE technology while moisturizing feet up to 24 hours after application.

cerave foot cream

3) If you depend on custom orthotics for proper foot alignment, wear them as much as possible. If you choose to wear sandals, consider having a custom-made pair with built-in orthotics fabricated for you. “Podiatrists suggest summer
as an opportune time to take care of your feet,” notes Dr. Miltchin, “especially if corrective procedures are required. There is no longer a need to ignore bunions or hammertoes they can easily be corrected in the podiatrist’s office with local anaesthesia.

Fuzz Be Gone

Summer means showing off some skin—and that means you’ll want to feel silky smooth and hair-free.

WAXING: Waxing, a common method of hair removal is safe to practise during the summer months. By seeking waxing services in salons and spas, your skin will be treated properly and not torn accidently from haphazard DIY sugaring. Waxing is a growing trend among men too. “The most popular wax treatments for men are back, chest and eyebrows and, the most current trend, the male Brazilian wax,” says Anna Delplavignano, an aesthetician and owner of The Waxing Strip in Aurora, Ont. Do your due diligence at home to make sure that you’re prolonging your treatments as long as possible. “After at least 24 hours you can lightly exfoliate the skin that’s been waxed and moisturize,” says Delplavignano. “Regular exfoliation, combined with moisturizing, should keep your skin soft and prevent bumps and ingrown hairs.” Treatments range from $15 to $75.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Laser hair removal is a great option if you’re looking for more permanent results. It works by killing the hair follicle itself rather than only removing the hair. Be cautious if you’re undergoing summer treatments,
though. “You’ll need to wait about seven days for full direct sun exposure,” says Kavita Suri, an aesthetician and owner of Infuse Med Spa. “There’s no harm in getting laser treatments done in the summer; you just have to take precautions.” The most popular treatment areas for men include the shoulders, back and nape of the neck, and popular treatments for women include Brazilians, glute creases and under the arms. For optimal results, you’ll need a minimum of six to eight treatments. Packages range from $300 to $2,000.

Protect Your Eyes

The importance of sunglasses is often overlooked, but we can’t forget to protect our eyes! Not all sunglasses are created equally, says Dr. Andrew Leung, BSc, OD, an optometrist at Dr. Andrew Leung & Associates. “Non-branded sunglasses may have more quality-control issues and are often made from plastics that are not optical-quality grade, which may cause distortions in the patient’s vision and headaches.” Finding lenses that are polarized are key to good protection. “I would recommend buying sunglasses from a licensed optician or an optical store where the staff have proper product knowledge and can help you choose the proper frame size and material, as well as the type of tint that is best for your needs,” explains Dr. Leung, “Such as polarized lenses for people who drive or sail or different colours for enhanced depth perception for golf.”

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Our favourites: TOMS Blythe Rose Gold Polarized Sunglasses, $218,