floral happy

April showers bring May flowers and they’re perfect for your skin.

The anti-aging benefits of natural botanical extracts are endless.  Each and every type of flower provides many benefits that range from the promotion of elasticity in your skin to stress relief. They can also be used to treat a variety of skin conditions and can be used by all skin types.  Certain extracts like lavender and rose suit oily skin because of their ability to balance your skin’s natural oil levels, whereas calendula and chamomile work better on sensitive skin because of their anti-inflammatory properties.  If none of these apply to you, choose your favourite scent and go from there.  In no time you will see noticeable results!

When picking products with botanical extracts it’s important to read the labels, looking for the name of the flower on the ingredient list is a good place to start. The higher up an extract appears on the ingredient list, the more of that extract the product contains. We spoke with L’Occitane’s Learning and Development Manager Kristina Tsiriotakis to get the goods on these eight botanical extracts so you can take advantage of nature’s prettiest resource.