Radiant Skin with RVB Skin Lab and a Glistening Smile

Summer enjoyed a full facial and skin-care consult by Shireen Fakira, an RVB Skinlab Master Trainer at the Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa ( in Toronto. RVB Skinlab is a professional skin-care line used in spas by aestheticians and beauty professionals that combines dermocosmetic science and the Italian cult of beauty for amazing results.


“When Summer came to us, her main concern was dehydration,” explains Cristina Ramirez, president of Intercosmetics and distributor of RVB Skinlab in Canada. “In her professional skin analysis, we discovered the two root causes of her dehydration: eczema and sensitive skin.” With sensitive skin, the barrier function that keeps moisture locked into the deeper levels of the skin doesn’t work, so the skin loses hydration levels faster and quickly becomes inflamed and irritated. “In Canada, though, due to the climate and lifestyle, we experience a lot of skin sensitivity,” says Ramirez. Often a lot of what we perceive as aging is an uneven and splotchy complexion due to sensitivity. By controlling the root causes of these symptoms in the skin from a younger age, skin looks immediately younger and fresher and stays youthful-looking in the long run. 


Designed to calm irritation and build up the skin’s protective barrier function again, all of the products in this soothing treatment are based on peptides, helixin (filtered snail slime extract) and RVB’s trademark 51+3 hyaluronic complex (made of 51 active ingredients and three hyaluronic acids that nourish the skin to give everything it needs for health and balance). The treatment includes a gentle enzyme peel to exfoliate the skin in a delicate manner and a therapeutic mask loaded with anti-reddening and soothing bioflavonoids. Within the facial, Fakira used a massage technique that focused on lymphatic drainage.
Summer would benefit from a monthly facial to maintain the soothing impacts of this treatment.


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For Summer to upkeep and improve upon the results of her facial, RVB Skinlab provided her with these skin essentials.

RVB Skinlab Micellar Cleansing Water ($38.50)

RVB Skinlab Gentle Eye Contour Cream ($59)