spring skin

How to restore your skin’s youthful glow.

The arrival of spring means some big changes are in store for our skin.  Cool winter temperatures and a lack of sunlight may leave skin dull and dehydrated.  Get a radiant glow back in time for spring with these five tips from Karen Asquith, national director of education for GMC Medical, a company that makes fragrance-free, colourant-free, paraben-free skin-care products.

Get rid of winter buildup with a chemical peel

In the winter months, a buildup of dead cells accumulates on the surface of the skin, making it feel rough and dry.  “This buildup of keratinized (dead) cells also inhibits
the release of toxins, respiration and absorption,” says Asquith.  Removing these surface cells with a chemical peel in the springtime allows the skin to breathe normally, release toxins and better absorb products.


If you can’t get a chemical  peel, retinol creams are a great home-care option.  GMC Medical Retinol Night Cream contains 0.5 per cent and 1 per cent (from $60, all GMC Medical products are sold exclusively in medical offices)   “The retinols help eliminate all of the buildup on the skin,” says Asquith.  Retinols can also diminish dark spots, lines and wrinkles.  While retinols can sometimes dry out the skin, GMC Medical’s Retinol Night Gel-Cream contains wild mango butter to soften the skin, eliminating that feeling of tightness that other retinol creams can give.