How to maximize your time with procedures that offer no downtime and little discomfort.

lunch time cosmetic procedures

They say “It’s a mad, mad world,” but in the techno-age of 24/7 emails, tweets and Facebook posts, it would be truer to say “It’s a fast, fast world.” When it comes to beauty anyway, who has time for “downtime”? Not many people, it seems.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have grown over 500 per cent since 1997, with more than nine million such procedures performed in North America last year alone,” says Dr. Cory Goldberg, a cosmetic plastic surgeon in Toronto. It makes sense. With long commutes and longer days, not to mention family and extracurricular commitments, women and men are finding it tougher every day to find the elusive “me-time” for beauty maintenance and, let’s admit it, upgrades. Skipping lunch for a much-needed mani, pedi or wrinkle-erasing procedure in preparation for the holiday season is a welcome option when the telltale signs of surgery (bruising, redness) are not in the equation.

So, without further ado, and for your lunchtime break consideration, here are some zero-downtime procedures to keep in mind, along with what you need to know about them.

Fast Facial Treatments

What if you could get three facials in one and return to work with glowing skin after a simple, pampering one-hour treatment? OxyGeneo is a “super facial” that pulls together three different treatments in one
to achieve exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation for smoother, brighter, glowing skin. “It is efficient and offers immediate results,” says Dr. Diane Wong, a cosmetic physician and owner of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto. She adds that with repeated treatments, clients can see a reduction in fine lines, pores, acne breakouts and sun spots. “When your skin is oxygenated, there is increased capillary blood flow and increased cell metabolism, so the skin will more readily accept the nutrients that are being infused, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinol,” she explains.

Although there is no downtime, Dr. Wong says there can be minimal redness after the procedure, so she recommends doing it the day before a special event rather than the same day. Sensitive-skin types may also want to avoid this procedure as it may aggravate inflammation. Dr. Wong recommends four to six treatments to start for best results, followed by seasonal visits for maintainenance.

COST: $145 for a one hour treatment

woman youthful skinSkin Smoothing Treatments

In fact, combining treatments can be not only time-saving, but also more effective.

“One of our most popular treatments is VoluDerm, a new, lunchtime treatment with no pain or downtime,” says Dr. Wong. She explains that it involves a combination of treatments, including microneedling, radio-frequency and galvanic energy. “We combine it with Pollogen skin tightening and Selphyl platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to achieve an overall ‘wow’ result by stimulating hyaluronic acid and collagen production, as well as increasing the body’s own natural growth factors,” she says. “[It] results in softer, smoother, tighter skin with a volumizing effect overall. It can be used anywhere on the face or body. It can also be used for those harder-to-treat areas, such as under the eyes, and to treat lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, skin irregularities or scars, skin laxity and even stretch marks,” says Dr. Wong.

“Depending on the skin type and the modality used in the treatment, clients will have some mild redness and swelling, usually lasting one to three hours. It is usually easy to cover with makeup. About one to three days later in some clients, there may be mild crusting, but it’s barely visible and also easily covered with makeup. It will slough naturally in a few days.”

For best results, she recommends three to five treatments spaced two weeks apart, with maintenance visits once a year.

COST: Approximately $2,100 for four treatments, although the cost of the treatment varies depending on the area(s) being treated.

Skin Lightening Treatments

When it comes to discolouration of the skin, sun damage and small broken blood vessels, Dr. Goldberg recommends phototherapy (also known as IPL or BBL) to his clients. He explains that it uses a focused light to burn away the damaged skin and discoloured parts. Dr. Goldberg notes that a treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes, with 15 minutes of redness as the only side-effect. As with VoluDerm, darker skin types should use caution. “This works best if you don’t have a tan, and it’s not for people with darker skin,” says Dr. Goldberg.

The procedure requires four to six treatments.

COST: $350

Tattoo Removal Treatments

Tattoos can make for a night of fun—and a lifetime of regret. Fortunately, thanks to the latest technology, tattoo removal can be as easy as taking five.

“The PicoSure tattoo removal machine uses a very fast laser” says Dr. Sean Rice, a Toronto plastic and cosmetic surgeon. This allows a very powerful pulse wave to penetrate skin quickly and destroy the ink underneath. Because this happens so fast, there is minimal heat generated, and this makes the procedure more comfortable than prior tattoo removal machines.”

“The speed of the laser is also significantly faster, so your procedure can be done in a shorter amount of time,” he says. A tattoo the size of a business card can be done in a matter of minutes.”

Dr. Rice notes that some colours and tattoos are easier to remove than others. While most people can return to work immediately, exercise should be postponed for a few days.

COST: From $450