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body oils winter moisturizer

With the colder weather at our heels, now is the time to reach for a trusty bottle of body oil to keep your skin as smooth as silk all winter long. Before you shrink away in disgust at the thought of a greasy mess, embrace the science behind why our skin needs oil. The outer layer of our skin is an oily layer that helps keep in natural moisture so our skin doesn’t dry out, similar to how a glass of water with oil poured on top fails to evaporate when left outside. However, when we live in dry climates and cleanse our skin daily with soap and water, this oily barrier depletes and thins out, especially as we age. By applying body oils to our skin on a daily basis, the skin barrier remains strong locking in moisture and preventing a scaly, itchy sensation. Here are our top three picks of multi-tasking body oils to keep your skin beautifully soft all winter long.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil ($36 for 100 mL, Shoppers Drug Mart, Hudson’s Bay, London Drugs)

elizabeth arden miracle oil winter moisturizer

Lipidol After Shower Oil ($8.97, Walmart)

lipidol body oil winter skincare

Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil ($45 for 50 mL, salons, spas and

body shimmer body oil