Exploring why our skin needs change with the season.

15 09 11 Fall Skincare 0

We love the fall season for all of the emerging fashion trends (yes, chunky knit sweaters and boots!), but this season is especially tricky for skincare. The not-quite-summer but not-yet-winter balance can definitely make skin feel oilier due to the lack of moisture in the air. Charmaine Cooper, Education Manger for Dermalogica Canada, explains: “As fall starts to set in, we notice a lot of changes take place in our skin. Some of these include, feeling our skin become tighter, seeing an increase in flakiness, fine lines and overall reactivity. When the skin is depleted in its water content, it can allow for harmful irritants to easily penetrate the skins surface, which will increase reactivity.”

Extra Hydration Required

Your light summer moisturizers may not cut it for this transition season. Look for products that pack an extra punch, like those containing hyaluronic acid to help seal in vital moisture. Products with anti-oxidants will also help protect the skin against inflammation and external aggressors that we’re more sensitive to this time of year.

Make sure you’re still exfoliating!

As Cooper explains, “When we exfoliate the skin we kick-start our skins own renewal process. What this will work to do is increase natural hydration within our own skin cells. Also, this will make sure that these great water-binding formulas that we are now incorporating, will actually make it into the skin.”

Here are our 4 favourite products to save your complexion this fall: