Mother-daughter duo Cheryl and Janice refresh their skin with VivierSkin.

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This spring we gave two amazing women, Cheryl and Janice Wilberg, an amazing mother daughter duo a non-invasive makeover. A huge part of the makeover was getting these two women to get into proper skin care routines with the help of VivierSkin medical grade skincare and the expert tips of Petra Hughes of Edelstein Cosmetic.

Cheryl Wilberg’s Skin care Overhaul:

When Cheryl met Petra she was using some skincare products and never went a day without using her Clarisonic Mia 2 to cleanse her face. But Hughes noticed that the skin care products in particular weren’t doing the job they needed to. Cheryl also experienced unpleasant sensitivity symptoms from them including burning and stinging of the eyes. Her skin showed the beginnings of sun damage, mild discolouration and acne scars, and larger pores on her forehead and cheeks. Keeping these in mind Cheryl had a skin regimen designed especially for her.

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15 06 17 Cheryl 3VivierSkin Vitamin C Scrub, $39

“For Cheryl this scrub will provide tone and texture by brightening up her skin as well as prepare her skin for maximum product absorption,” says Hughes. Vitamin C protects skin from free radicals, molecules that advance premature aging, which damage our skin through environmental factors like sun damage and pollution. With antioxidant protection, Vitamin C reduces brown spots and helps boost collagen production for a smoother, firmer complexion. It acts as an anti-inflammatory against damaged and irritated skin and boosts the skin’s defense against UV ray exposure.

VivierSkin Dark Circle Diminishing Eye Cream, $70           

This vitamin K cream was recommended to treat Cheryl’s under-eye circles, and also bring down her puffiness and prevent the development of fine lines. Vitamin K, a vitamin manufactured in the liver, is known for its blood clotting properties. Used in skin-care, Vitamin K aids in diminishing dark eye circles by exerting anti-inflammatory effects on the skin to smooth and bright the eye area.

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Next Hughes recommended the SkinTx Restore System complete with SkinTX #3 kit and two professional in office SkinTX Jessner Plus Treatments ($889). “The SkinTx #3 kit contains strong active ingredients including hydroquinone creams combined with medical grade retinol.  The sun damage shown on Cheryl’s skin will diminish within weeks as the strong active ingredients, high-quality creams and medical-grade retinol in this kit reduce pore size and exfoliate dead skin cells,” she says.

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Cheryl’s verdict on her new routine:

“So far I am liking all of the Vivier products – it’s basically an at-home peel in a kit, what’s not to love! The products are light and don’t ever hurt or burn my face. I usually find that applying many products makes my skin feel oily and wet, but this skincare leaves me feeling fresh and instantly luminous. I can’t wait to finish my treatment!” Cheryl has been travelling to many sunny destinations the past few months so has yet to complete her peels, but this will only ensure the best results.