A spa treatment for your most intimate areas.

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Spa treatments come in all shapes and forms, so that we have the ability to beautify any body part of our choosing. The latest trend? Brazilian facials. Following in the footsteps of Strip: Ministry of Waxing in New York City, Fuzz Wax Bar is the first to offer a Brazilian facial—or a vajacial—treatment ($50 per treatment, $40 for Fuzz Wax Bar members).

This treatment procedure consists of a revitalizing five-step procedure of skin cleansing, exfoliation, removal of ingrown hairs, infusion of product with a high-frequency wand and moisturizing. The skin in this delicate area stands up to a lot of wear and tear during hair removal, and since it’s covered up most of the time it doesn’t get the light or oxygen needed. Treatments are recommended between waxing appointments to maintain skin’s healthy appearance.

With regular treatments, you’ll notice fewer bumps, less irritation and discolouration. The Brazilian facial trend is newer to Canada, but many body bars here are starting to expand on skin care down there. Allure Body Bar in Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood is known for its quick and efficient Brazilian waxing and also offers a skin-lightening package for your bikini line ($75 per in-office treatment) for those who are self-conscious about pigmentation. We spend so much time making our intimate areas aesthetically appealing with grooming practices, it only makes sense that we give our skin a little attention, too!