Lifestyle habits that you can kick today to preserve your skin.

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that your skin doesn’t look as soft and radiant anymore, now that you’ve left your 20s (we sure have). But before you assume a beauty crisis, evaluate your lifestyle habits and determine if you can nix some bad habits that may be contributing to the complexion you no longer love. Here are five pesky habits you need to stop now, so you can love your skin well into your 60s.

1. Skimping on sleep! It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. A lack of sleep often results in bags under the eyes and a sallow complexion—so that’s what people mean when they say you look tired—as well as spikes in cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which triggers breakouts. By getting good-quality sleep for at least eight hours a night, your skin is given a chance to repair itself from all of the regular toxins your skin is exposed to during the day.

14 12 22 skin 12. Sinful consumption. Okay, we’re being a bit dramatic, but it is true that excessive smoking, drinking and sugar age the skin at a dramatically quicker pace. Perhaps becoming a nun isn’t an option (we all need to live a little), but try to keep these culprits in moderation. Your liver and teeth will thank you, too!

3. Switching skin-care products on the ready. Skin needs a routine to stay healthy. Although you may be trying to save money by watching what cleansers and creams are on sale, when you keep rotating between new skin-care products, eventually your skin loses control and freaks out! The consequence? Unless you stop, you will see what we mean 10 years from now. Do your skin a favour and keep things regular. If a moisturizer works for you, stick with it.

4. Spot treating zits. We all break out once in a while (most of the time it’s hormonal), and, since it’s not every day, it’s easy to reach for an acne spot treatment when one of our bumpy enemies arises. The thing is, spot treatments often dry out the skin and result in the zit returning in a few weeks. Instead, try to balance your skin by rotating an acne-based cleanser into your skin-care routine a couple of times a week. Keep pores clean by exfoliating dead skin cells regularly, and eat a well balanced diet to keep your hormones balanced. Notice the routine trend?

5. Forgetting to suds up before bed. Failing to wash off your makeup before bed, even when you are exhausted, causes pores to clog and results in rougher and less resilient skin from pollutants you’ve been exposed to outside all day. The extra five minutes you spend cleansing and moisturizing pre-bedtime will do you wonders, since nighttime is an opportunity for your skin to rejuvenate.

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