Get a younger, sculpted face at home.

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What are the benefits of facial massage?

Besides blissful relaxation, facial massages offer many anti-aging benefits. Incorporating facials and facial massage techniques into your daily skin care routine will improve your skin’s texture and quality since the massage helps to extract dirt and excess oils trapped in your pores that may not loosen with regular cleansing alone. Massage also stimulates blood flow to the targeted area, therefore delivering oxygen and helping to rid the body of toxins. Perhaps the best part: Encouraging your muscles to release tension helps keep wrinkles at bay and who doesn’t want that? Ready for a massage?

How to perform a facial massage at home

While a facial massage in any position will reap benefits, the Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method works best with the body’s natural chemistry. The massage is performed in a seated position, with the head hanging down. Elbows on the knees, the weight of the head rests in your hands. In this position, the excess waste and toxins gravitate towards the centre of the face, and the weight of the head in the hands provides pressure to stimulate circulation.

Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method:

Step 1: Place the heel of the palms of the hands over the forehead then the eye contour to cover completely.

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Step 2: Hands together, move them over the cheeks, then slightly part them to make room for the nose.

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Step 3: Push the chin into the palms (hands remain together) at the level of the wrists, the hands grip the face’s contour.

Step 4: Separate the wrists, release the head and maintain the pressure of it’s weight, the hands hugging the ears well.

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Step 5: Press the fingers firmly above the collar bone.

Step 6: Unfold the hands and move them up behind the neck. Let the weight of the head remain between both hands to empty the lymphnodes.

Use a Serum to increase facial massage benefits

Pair this massage technique with Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V contouring serum ($77, Hudson’s Bay) for optimal results. This serum contains unique ingredients such as guarana extract that is naturally high in caffeine to encourage the release of excess fats and brighten the skin, and kaki extract that helps protect dermal fibres from gylcation (a process where sugars from our diet attack and cripple our natural collagen and elastin). When paired with a facial massage, the heat from your hands and pressure applied helps the serum sink into the skin, so you are able to fully experience its roster of skin-saving benefits.

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