Make sure you are giving the skin the nourishment it needs.

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As winter approaches, we start thinking about what to change in our skincare regimens—heavier moisturizers to treat dry, chapped skin. But, by the time winter rolls around our skin may already be lacking the nutrients it craves, so get a jump-start on treating dry skin this year!

We can easily tell when our skin is dry (that taught feeling and those pesky flakes), but does it call for hydration or lubrication—and what’s the difference? When we need to lubricate the skin, we need to give it oil. When we need to hydrate our skin, we need to give it water. Our skin can produce oil, but it doesn’t produce water. In the case of dry skin, it does not produce enough of either, so we have to give it both. Both lubrication and hydration happen at the epidermal level, which is why applying products that cater the skin’s specific need (whether it's oil or water) is so important.

Naturally oily skin:

Oily skin has much less need for lubrication than dry skin, given that oily skin produces a healthy amount of natural oils and sebum. It is very common for oily skins to be extremely dehydrated because people tend to strip the natural sebum layer with cleansers and toners, and are often scared of using moisturizers thinking moisturizer will be too heavy for their oily skin. Look for oil free products, like Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer ($78, Sephora), which will deliver the hydration your skin is craving.

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Naturally dry skin:

Dry skin has little oil to keep it lubricated naturally, therefore we need to help it by supplementing lubrication via a diet rich in healthy fats and great products that supply the necessary lubrication. In the summer, most people's skin takes the natural moisture from the air so it is superficially hydrated, but dry skin might start to feel a little dehydrated in the winter. Look for a serum to hydrate, like Jurlique Purely Bright Treatment Serum ($70, Sephora), and seal the deal with a rich moisturizer like L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream ($46, L'Occitane Boutiques).

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