Keep your hair, nails and skin healthy heading into holiday season.

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While many concerns can be treated in a family doctor’s office, in most cases, a referral is needed from a family doctor to see a dermatologist. It was unanimously agreed across our pros that everyone of us should see a dermatologist at least once in our lives as a precaution, regardless of whether or not skin concerns exist. But you can keep yourself safe and prevent any common dermatological concerns from becoming more serious with these tips.


Youthful Skin: Even though it’s a bit of a no-brainer, it’s an important one to remember. “Using sunscreen on a daily basis will not only minimize your skin cancer risk but also protect your skin from damaging sun rays and prevent skin aging, also known as photoaging,” says Dr. Andrei Metelitsa, MD, FRCPC, FAAD, codirector of the Institute for Skin Advancement in Calgary.


Healthy and Thick Hair: “Maintaining a good diet and taking a multivitamin will help with hair growth,” says Dr. Sheetal Sapra, MD, FRCPC, a specialist at the Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Oakville. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, simple ways to prevent hair loss include avoiding over brushing, chemical treatments and heat styling as well as being wary of removing hair elastics and towel drying.


Beautiful Nails: Dr. Sapra recommends to “stop manipulating nails and cuticles and give them a chance to breathe.” Similarly, Dr. Elena Poulos, MD, FRCPC, of Kingsway Dermatology, encourages people to “avoid trauma, repetitive exposure to water, detergents and chemicals, such as acetone, to maintain healthy nails.”