The best all-in-one anti-aging clay facemask.

14 09 02 bliss mask

Clay masks are nothing new, for years women have been slathering their bodies in clay, allowing for the earthy matter to soak up excess oils. While clay is known for its excellent detoxifying properties, some masks can leave our faces feeling tight and itchy as they dry.

The Bliss Multi-‘face’-eted mask ($62, Sephora) did not make my skin feel dry or itchy in the least. Smoothing quartz and nourishing jojoba oil cushion the 10 per cent glycolic acid in the formula to soothe the skin, giving the mask a velvety luxurious texture. To top it all off, the mask smells like peppermint providing a completely relaxing experience. This wonder-mask fades discolouration and dark spots, unclogs pores and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Just apply a thin layer all over the face (avoiding the eye area) and sit back and relax. When it comes time for removal, be sure not to use your fluffiest white towels to wipe the mask off since the dark colour can stain fabrics.