Reaping the benefits of both in-office and home care with SkinTx.

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Although developed primarily to combat aging, the new SkinTx TX Jessner Plus Restore Treatment by Quebec-based Vivier Pharma acts as a safe, effective and affordable alternative to laser treatments for those battling acne and acne scarring, not to mention reducing age spots, sun damage and enlarged pores.

A Synergy of both clinical and at-home skin care

What we love about TX Jessner Plus Restore Treatment the most is that it’s quick, easy to use and affordable.  The treatment includes two 15-minute resurfacing procedures administered eight weeks apart by a skin-care professional in-office combined with an easy-to-use 16-week regimen of home after care using Vivier’s SkinTx daily care system. All-in prices start at about $750, putting it within reach of younger and budget-minded patients.

Approved by Health Canada in January, the treatment already has some loyal supporters. “There’s nothing else quite like it,” says Petra Hughes, a long-time medical aesthetician and educator with Toronto’s Edelstein Cosmetic who has been using the treatment since its launch.

“We try to minimize acne as it’s happening but that’s not always possible. Patients can be left with scars. This treatment shows great potential and, so far, our patients have been really happy with it.”

Following a consultation, Hughes administers the first resurfacing treatment. “It does have some downtime—maybe  a few days, depending on the condition of the client’s skin,” she says, “but compared to other, stronger peels, it’s minimal. Flaking or redness is easily concealed with moisturizer and makeup. There was a huge void in the industry, especially for treating acne scars, and Vivier has filled it.”

Essential Ease of Use

Patients are sent home with their accompanying SkinTx after care kits “that take very little time to apply,” Hughes adds. “Everything is clearly labelled, so it’s obvious what order to apply the products in and whether it’s for the morning or night. People are confident and comfortable using this system.”

“When combined with the home skin-care regimen, [the results are] just outstanding,” offers Jess Vivier, Vivier Pharma’s president and CEO who explains that the TX Jessner Plus Restore Treatment spent about two years in development before making its clinical debut.

“As soon as you start exfoliating and new skin begins to reappear, you get more firmness and clarity. You are going to lose some of the blemishes. It’s not unlike wiping out on a bicycle on the road; underneath that scab you have this beautiful pink skin developing. That’s exaggerated,” says Vivier chuckling, “but the principal is basically the same.”

Following the resurfacing treatments and prescribed after care regimen, it’s advised to switch to VivierSkin System products for maintenance care. We’ve chosen our favourites below. 

TIP: SkinTx TX Jessner Plus can be used as an alternative to acne-busting oral medications like Isotretinoin, sold under the brand name Accutane, which puts a lot of pressure on the liver system.

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Maximize results with effective topicals

Keep skin clean, clear and clarified using these marquee VivierSkin products.

VivierSkin LEXXEL: Optimal for irritable, oily or acne-prone skin, this corrective treatment calms and soothes redness, inflammation, irritation and bacteria. $77.50.

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VivierSkin Oily or Acne-Prone Skin System: This comprehensive home care system contains all of the recommended products for oily or acne-prone skin. $286.

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VivierSkin HEXAM: This gentle antimicrobial cleanser that helps remove surface impurities and bacteria. $39. 

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