Your skin can start looking beautiful today!

14 07 25 healthyskin main

Regular cleansing and toning aren’t the only habits those with oily or acne-prone skin should adopt. Medical aesthetician Petra Hughes gives the three essential habits to develop for healthy, beautiful skin.

1. Exfoliate: “Regular exfoliation minimizes dead cellular buildup. Just be sure it doesn’t leave your skin red and sensitive,” she adds. A gentle touch and top-shelf products are your best bets.

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2. Eat Right: “I love a good burger and fries as much as the next person,” says Hughes, “but moderation is key.” Consume a balanced diet high in skin-loving foods, including protein, antioxidants and plenty of water for hydration.

3. Rest Up: “It’s amazing the impact eight hours of sleep a night has on skin.” When we sleep, our bodies exert less energy on sensory perceptions, so the body can exert this unused energy when we are at rest on essential processes, such as building collagen and healing the skin.

14 07 25 healthyskin