Essential foot health and beauty tips.

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1. Keep your toenails short. Trimmed toenails look appealing, whether you’re a man or  a woman. We really love the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Precision Grip Toenail Clipper for Men ($14, Shoppers Drug Mart and because it has a case that catches clippings and a straight blade to make it simple to cut straight across and avoid ingrowns. Plus, if you sanitize it, who says you both can’t use it?

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2. Get rid of dead skin. Prior to the new Clarisonic Sonic Foot Transformation, ($230, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew and Shoppers Drug Mart), the efficient way to rid of hard skin on our feet was a pedicure.  But now  you can maintain the condition of post-pedi feet at home by using the buffing head brush daily in the shower,  along with the smoothing disc twice a week on dry feet. Follow the smoothing disc with the Pedi-Boost, an effective foot peel that exfoliates the feet to reveal the skin's softest layers. 

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3. Hydrate. Keep your feet soft by massaging them daily with Karin Herzog Foot Cream ($45, visit to find a retailer). Infused with two per cent oxygen, the formula produces an antiseptic effect as it soothes.

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4. Bare them to the world! Go barefoot or wear open-toe shoes as often as as possible to ensure your feet don’t get  sweaty and smelly—this keeps them dry and less prone to nasty foot fungus.  Self-conscious about  your toenails because of damage from winter boots or cracks from playing sports? Strengthen them with the Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails ($45.95,  at and Your nails will be stronger in just one month!  

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