Swap out ineffective products for these skin-fixers for a brighter complexion.

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Often to target a problem area on our skin, we need to make a change to our skin-care products, whether it’s updating our entire regimen or simply switching products. Here are our favourite summer-ready skin-care products to meet every skin problem you may be battling at the moment. 

1. Problem: Loss of radiance

Your skin lacks lustre, look patchy and appears dull to you.

FIX: Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, $34 at Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart and vasanticosmetics.com. When used at least three times a week, the papaya enzymes help exfoliate dead skin cells and patchy skin, leaving  behind a soft, luminous complexion.

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2. Problem: Dark and puffy under eye circles

Whether it’s from lack of sleep, or bad genes, no one wants raccoon eyes.

FIX: ZO Medical Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Repair Crème, $168, locate medical clinics at zoskinhealth.ca. Infused with active vitamin A and biomimetic proteins, this encourages collagen production in the eye area and improves elasticity. Caffeine and other enzymes improve circulation to help relieve puffiness and dark circles.

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3. Problem: Acne

From whiteheads, blackheads to full-out acne sores, your skin needs some help clearing up.

FIX: Vivierskin Deep Cleaning Astringent, $35.50 at medical clinics, vivierpharma.com. Made to rebalance the skin’s natural pH levels, this skin must-have can be used throughout the day to control excess sebum on the surface while reducing inflammation associated with breakouts with soothing  cucumber and witch hazel extract.

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4. Problem: Chapped andwrinkled lips

Your lips are so dry and cracked that they often become sore, regardless of how much lip balm you use.

FIX: ZO Medical Liprebuild Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, $60, locate medical clinics at  zoskinhealth.ca. A restorative lip treatment that contains vitamins A, D and E, plus plant stem cell antioxidants, to prevent new oxidative damage from the environment. The peptides help plump the lips and improve shape, colour and contours.

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5. Problem: Fine lines  

Aging depletes collagen formation leaving behind pesky wrinkles. 

FIX: DermaQuest Peptide Line Corrector, $198, locate a clinic at dermaquest.ca. Fine lines and wrinkles are targeted head on with this peptide infused serum infused. Made of amino acids, peptides brighten the complexion, reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. Apply all over your face before face cream.

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