Tell-tale signs that old products need to go.

14 06 02 TossIt

When it comes to our skin care, it’s tough to toss a spoiled product in the trash. Plus, did you know the guidelines on the back of your personal care products which usually say 12M or 24M (known as period after opening) as an indicator of how long a product can last, are determined without any testing on the products as to when they lose efficacy due to a lack of legislation? So when it comes to knowing if your skin-care products need to be replaced, you need to do a bit of detective work. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow:

1) Has the product changed in terms of its original colour, texture or consistency? Lumps, separation and colour changes usually mean it’s time to discard it.

2) Does it smell funny? Stale or rancid odours are an easy way to know it’s not good enough to put it on your face anymore.

3) Is the packaging damaged, expanded or deformed from when you first got it? If so, there may be something more troubling going on inside that you can’t see.

4) Does it still work? When you apply your serum, is it causing irritation? Or has your acne cream lost its ability to zap away blemishes? If so, it’s time to let go.

5) Read the ingredients. Obviously you should do this before making a purchase, but a refresher always helps. Skin-care products without preservatives tend to spoil faster—green skin-care divas, I am talking to you—and products with water as their first ingredient last for less time.