Help your skin look its best with a few simple steps.

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After a very long winter and chilly spring, our skin will need help adjusting to warmer temperatures and sunshine. While we wish it were as easy as flipping on a light switch for the seasons to change, our skin needs time to acclimatize, and becomes irritated and blemish-prone—luckily these helpful tips will ease you through the transition.

After Exfoliation

Exfoliating is the first step to rid our bodies of dead skin. Exfoliation rejuvenates the skin, but the new layers will needs some extra TLC since they aremore sensitive and prone to sun damage. Even when it’s cloudy or the sun doesn’t feel strong, the UV rays still penetrate, so we need to slather on the SPF. It’s easy to find a lightweight lotion on the market, and we like L’Oreal Paris Silky Sheer Mousse SPF 50 ($14.99, mass retailers), which wont cause skin irritation and breakouts. The mousse is very fast absorbing so your skin won’t feel sticky, and you can apply it quickly in the morning for long-lasting protection.

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Keep Moisturizing

Even though the air around us feels more hydrated than it did during the winter, and our skin isn’t flaky-dry anymore, we need keep on top of moisturizing. With the increase in temperatures, the skin on our face can become dehydrated as the moisture travels to other areas of our bodies—especially when we sweat. Maybe you’re afraid that a moisturizer will make your skin look oily? As the sun gets warmer our skin naturally produces more oil and change in the air calls for a change in our medicine cabinets, too: Reach for a new moisturizer in a lighter lotion formula that wont clog pores on our face and overwhelm the skin.

Back Acne

Spending the entire winter in sweaters and other heavy layers leaves our backs looking less than desirable. A combination of lack of fresh air and a lack of vitamin D lead to pesky pimples cropping up. Look for a body wash containing salicylic acid, which helps to break down the black- and whiteheads. Looking for a green alternative? Try tea tree oil, an excellent bacteria-devouring essential oil that helps clear up the skin. Only a few drops of this powerful oil are needed, and can be added to your favourite body wash. Our favourite: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil ($13.99 for 25mL,

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Take care of your feet

Our feet get a well-deserved break over the winter months swaddled in thick socks which softens our skin. To make them look presentable again we need to slough away all that dead skin. Don’t have time for a full pedicure treatment? Head to the pantry and take coffee grounds or sea salt crystals and mix them with olive oil to form a thick paste. Massage the mixture into your feet, and then rinse, dry and moisturize. But remember, regular pedicures are important to prevent both dead skin build up and ingrown toenails, two things that can lead to fungal infections.