14 05 13 FaceMassageKeep your face looking younger by incorporating this into your beauty routine.

Facial massage is a tradition that has been practised in Japan for many years and has many different anti-aging benefits:

1) Massage helps to increase circulation, movement and blood flow under the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients to that area of the face.

2) Improved circulation also helps active ingredients in your skin-care products to absorb in the dermal layers.

3) Facial manipulation relaxes the muscles, contributing to the prevention of the formation of wrinkles.

4) Facial massage is a form of stress relief, and we all know that less stress means better skin, quality of life, stronger sense of health and overall well-being.

Start this simple anti-aging tip now by massaging your face each morning. 

Here’s how:

Step 1: Begin your self-massage by applying a hot, wet face towel over your skin for a couple of minutes to open up your pores and kick-start the amount of oxygen flow to your face due to the application of heat. Remember, you can either use very hot water or gently heat a wet towel in the microwave using 30-second increments to avoid extreme temperatures.  

Step 2: Pick your favourite cleanser, face cream, serum or oil and begin massaging it all over your face in circular movements using your fingertips. If you are experiencing a skin issue, such as excessive dryness or acne, select a product that will help treat your issue. Continue this for at least two minutes, allowing the product to fully absorb into your skin.

Step 3: If you're using a cleanser instead of a skin-care product, gently splash your face with cool water and pat dry with a towel or muslin cloth. Take a deep breath and proceed to the next step of your morning with a sense of relief and peace.