The best overnight fixes for beautiful mornings.

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1) Humidifiers: The air in our homes tends to be on the dry side, especially if our windows are closed up to block out noise while we sleep. Humidifiers work wonders to help keep our skin feeling supple and hydrated. As an added bonus, try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil, which helps ease anxiety and insomnia. But remember essential oils can be damaging to certain types of plastic in humidifiers over time, so be sure to ask before you purchase to be on the safe side.

2) Switch It Up: We all have a favourite comfortable position that we sleep in most naturally. This repetition, however, can cause more wrinkles and defined lines on the one side of the face. Although its difficult to break a routine, try falling asleep on the opposite side—you will likely find that you wake up in a different position, but the variety will save you from pressing your soft skin into the pillow.

3) Eye Brightener: It may seem silly to apply a brightening cream to the skin around your eyes before hopping into bed, but this is actually when brightening products will work best. Often, direct sunlight can drastically reduce the effect—if not deactivate completely—the active ingredients in the skin. Look for a cream containing caffeine, like Keihl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer ($34, Keihl’s), which will keep the blood flow circulating and reduce puffiness.

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4) Silk or Satin: Changing from a cotton pillowcase to silk or satin will do wonders for your hair and skin. When we roll over and press our hair into a cotton fabric, the pressure and static create frizz creating a tough battle for the morning. Our skin also benefits from the soft, less abrasive texture. Regardless of the material, don’t forget to wash your pillowcase weekly to get rid of any lingering bacterial residues.

5) LASHcloud: Novalash’s LASHcoloud, a new arevolutionary product, keeps your lash extensions looking their best, The LASHcloud sits on top of your pillow, and the cutouts allow for space around the eye to breathe, while still allowing for a comfortable sleep. This way, your lashes will not change their shape and the delicate skin around your eyes is also well preserved.

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6) Coconut Oil Mask: Coconut oil is fantastic for just about everything, especially for your hair. Try applying the oil directly to your dry hair, massaging from roots to tips. By allowing the oil to soak in overnight, the proteins bond with your hair, and it can easily wash out in the morning. The hair does not need this deep conditioning treatment daily, instead incorporate a coconut oil mask into your weekly beauty routine, your hair will thank you!

7) Magnesium: Magnesium is a very important mineral in our diet, and can be found in leafy green vegetables and whole grains, as well as in health supplements. Magnesium supplements are most beneficial at night, since theyhelp with cramping and twitching muscles while easing us off to sleep. Taking a supplement like Natural Calm ($29.99, Noah’s Natural Foods) can help you fall asleep faster, and sleep for longer.

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