Why your esthetician isn’t sharing some skincare secrets with you.

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Estheticians are the best source of information when it comes to skin care concerns. Unfortunately, they might not always be telling you everything you need to know. Whether it’s because they don’t want to hurt your feelings, or because they’re not sure you’ll find the information relevant, here’s everything your esthetician may be holding back.

1. They know if you pick.

It feels incredibly awkward when a client says they don’t pick at their skin. Estheticians can absolutely tell when you do. Be honest, so they can work with you to solve your skin issues.

2. They have the perfect home care regime for you, but don’t want to be pushy.

Many estheticians keep amazing advice to themselves on how to fine-tune your homecare regimen for great skin. Why? They don’t want to sound like they just want to “make a sale.” Next time you get a treatment, ask your esthetician what they think you should be using, or ask them what they used on you for the treatment and if you could purchase that for home use.

3. They know where to get the best products.

A lot of people ask if all skin creams are created the same. The answer is absolutely not! Sometimes you are paying for a celebrity endorsement, advertising, or a marketing campaign. However, many professional lines (that can usually only be found in spas or doctor’s offices) actually spend their budget on high quality ingredients instead of a famous spokesperson.

4. Men need facials just as much as women.

Men and women have completely different bodies, but our skin is the same, no matter our gender. Men also suffer from acne, and their skin and face age just as much as ours. Facial treatments are not just for women.

5. Your diet might be influencing your skin’s issues.

Diet plays a key role in your complexion. The common cliché is that “bad food,” like chocolate and fries, give you pimples, but it is so much more complicated than that! In a nutshell, any inflammatory foods make any skin condition worse. Ask your esthetician to incorporate nutrition into your consultation.

6. You might have skin cancer.

This is a really important one: we are not allowed to say this by law, which makes total sense since we do not know for sure if you have cancer (and such a statement shouldn’t be made lightly). We cannot diagnose cancer, but we know what it looks like. A good—and responsible—esthetician will tell you to get it checked, just in case. We just can’t say the c-word. Listen to your esthetician.

7. We like it when you fall asleep.

Estheticians take this as the ultimate compliment. Falling asleep means you trust us and are comfortable in our treatment bed. Snooze away!