How to find beauty products that are good for your skin and the planet.

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With the new trend of “green” cosmetics and the tendency toward “green washing,” sometimes we can’t trust what it says on the product label. Don’t get disappointed or stressed out, use these tips from Stephanie Chandler, international training director for Dr. Baumann Cosmetics, and Richard L. Pietz, global director of product development at Jurlique, to help make educated and healthy skin care decisions.

1. Do your research.

“Look at the ingredients and check them out at home on your own,” says Chandler. “You can look them up online by searching an ingredient dictionary. Customers should start to do research and get clued in.” Companies now also put ingredient glossaries on their websites so that consumers can understand what is safe and effective.

2. Understand labels.

When it comes to labelling on skin-care and cosmetics products in Canada, we do it according to volume, similar to food labels. If an organic ingredient is at the end of the list with all of these synthetics listed first, think about it before you buy it, says Pietz.

3. Follow the bionome principle.

Look for products that are free of chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens, animal derivatives, fragrances (except fragrances from essential oils), colourants, oxygen and mineral oils.

4. Look for transparency.

Are the marketing claims of the product substantiated? “We put disclaimers on how we test ingredients,” says Pietz. “ If a company has certain affiliations and makes certain claims, it should be on the box or on their website and social-media. ”

Proving that efficacy is never compromised with sustainable skin care, these products from Jurlique and Dr. Baumann Cosmetics wow us with every use!

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Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum, $68. Harnessing the power of calendula extract—a flower that is part of the marigold family—this serum restores the skin’s epidermal defences and reduces both inflammation and redness. Simply apply one or two pumps under your moisturizer to keep your skin free of environmental irritants.

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist, $48. When sprayed on the skin this helps reduce redness, restore our skin’s natural defences and leave us feeling refreshed. The aloe and linseed extracts restore moisture and skin clarity, while the scents of cucumber and chamomile uplift the senses.

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream, $58. A soothing moisturizer that reduces redness through the help of Jurlique’s Comfort Complex, which includes calendula extracts. Our skin barrier is protected through the help of evening primrose, macadamia, rose hip and avocado essential oils.

Available at Holt Renfrew, Sephora, select spas and

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Dr. Baumann Liposome MultiActive Ceramid, $157. Liposomes, which have a strong moisture-dispensing action on the skin, act as vehicles to transport active ingredients more effectively. Both ceramides and liposomes are crucial intercellular substances that display their function in the upper layer of the skin. Together they strengthen our skin barrier function and make our complexion appear less dry.

Dr. Baumann Multi Vitamin Lotion, $59. Infused with vitamins and herbal extracts, this lotion keeps skin that is prone to impurities smooth and hydrated.

Dr. Baumann Sensitive Cream for Oily & Normal Skin, $89.50. This cream restores moisture to the skin without creating excess sebum and is great for reactive skin that needs a calming formula.

Sold in professional salons and spas.