Did you know sleeping in your makeup accelerates facial aging?

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Yup, that’s right! Anna Pursglve, a U.K. journalist, skipped her daily makeup cleansing routine for 30 days to find that her skin biologically aged approximately a decade when she had it evaluated by a 3-D cosmetic imaging studio!

Each night instead of washing off her makeup with a cleanser before bed, Pursgive slept with her full face of mascara, liner, foundation and lip gloss. Forced to settle with a quick splash in the shower to only reapply makeup over last night’s leftovers each morning, she got the initial results of nasty white cysts on her eye lids, eyelash dandruff (apparently that’s a thing!), and clumped eyelashes, plus dry skin on her lips, cheeks and eyelids. Can you say disgusting?!

AGING IMPACTS ON THE SKIN After the full month:

-10% worsened surface texture on the forehead and right side of face.

-20% worsened surface texture on left side of the face (the side she slept on).

-5% drop in skin moisture levels due to makeup buildup, which prevents the usual skin-renewal process.

-Deeper wrinkles present on both sides of the face because of oxidative stress from environmental pollutants.

-2% increased redness due to a blocked skin barrier. Alll skin irritants were locked into the face preventing hydration.

-5% larger pores due to increased clogging. The scary part: larger pores also mean stretched skin, which is basic evidence of aging. As we get older our skin loses elasticity, so the structures that keep the skin and pores tight become lazy.

The Verdict? Long-term cleansing avoidance deteriorates our skin health and youth. Wash your face even when you’re dead tired or tipsy. Your face will thank you years from now!