When we are born, our skin renews and regenerates itself every 28 days.

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As soon as we turn 25, that process of natural exfoliation slows down.

If you are like me, when you go for a facial the esthetician usually ends the treatment with a gentle reminder to include that DIY exfoliating ritual more regularly. Although I try my best, I tend to fall off my routine every now and then. So I spoke with Maria Roche, esthetician, national training manager for Dr. Baumann Cosmetics and the owner of Skin Wellness Clinic
who helped remind me why I shouldn’t forget so easily!

Q: Why is exfoliation important?

When dead skin cells accumulate, skin appears dull, thickened and dry. Excess dead skin stands between the skin and reaping the benefits of good skin-care, preventing the effective absorption of active ingredients. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and speeds up cellular regeneration, keeping it radiant and young looking.

Q: How often?

Exfoliate once a week (preferably at night) with a mild exfoliant at home and get a deeper monthly exfoliation with a professional.

Q: Can I overdo it?

There is such a thing as “too much exfoliating.” If the skin looks red or flushed you might be exfoliating too hard or too much. We need a healthy layer of dead skin cells to protect our live skin underneath. Exfoliating once (mostly twice) a week helps keep this layer at the ideal thickness.

Q: What should I use?

Try the Dr. Baumann Peeling Mild ($62.50), the Peeling Medium or the Peeling Strong (both $67.50 each, all three sold at professional spas). Part of a German bioname skincare line, these products are safe, skin compatible and contain no parabens, mineral oils, colourants or fragrance. The exfoliating beads made from Jojo oil remove dead skin cells with their spherical shape, while also moisturizing and nourishing new skin cells underneath. Each exfoliant’s strength is determined by the size of the spheres; the bigger the spheres, the more powerful. Mild is ideal for sensitive skin, but more acneic skin benefits from stronger peels. If you have extreme cases of acne or rosacea, always consult a professional before diving into an at-home exfoliation routine.

e14 01 exfoliating winter skin tips 2