Find out what ceramides are and why they're in so many beauty products.

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Ceramides are not a new ingredient in the world of skincare, however, as people continue to look for new ways of reversing the signs of aging, products containing ceramides have been slowly gaining popularity.

We spoke with Jaime Petrovic, regional training executive at Elizabeth Arden, to get the background on ceramides and why it’s a noteworthy ingredient.

Ceramides are essential fatty acids that are one of the “predominant ingredients in the moisture barrier that strengthen and support the [outermost layer of the skin].” This ingredient helps to lock in the hydration, which helps to retain skin’s elasticity and keep it looking youthful. Ceramides also help to boost the production of collagen, known to battle signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, by keeping skin looking full and smooth.

Since hydration is one of the main keys to younger-looking skin, having an extra dosage of an ingredient that is also naturally produced in our bodies is just enhancing what nutrients the skin already creates. By replenishing one of the skin’s natural strengthening ingredients via skincare products, that is often lost or reduced throughout the aging process, you’re actually helping your skin produce even more naturally.

Petrovic explains that there are different varieties of ceramides used in Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Daily Youth Restorative Serum Capsules ($89 for 60 capsules, major retailers, drugstores, “Different ceramides help the skin perform more efficiently in repairing its appearance.” For instance, Ceramide 1 “strengthens, supports and firms,” while Ceramide 3 “acts as a moisture magnet that soothes and calms the skin.” Ceramide 6 is a gentle “ceramide hydroxy acid that naturally exfoliates and helps [the skin] to form additional ceramide molecules.” The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Daily Youth Restorative Serum Capsules are light, non-comedogenic and go well underneath your favourite moisturizer without leaving a greasy feeling behind.