Why Amanda Bynes' addiction to cosmetic surgery cannot discredit the entire industry.13 09 amanda bynes plastic surgery addiction tb

When it comes to plastic surgery, people often get up in arms about the topic and begin talking down the entire industry, saying it destroys natural beauty, self confidence and fuels an unstable body image for women both young and old.

But, cosmetic surgery often gets a bad name because of down spiraling celebrities in the public eye, such as rapper Lil’ Kim, Heidi Montag from The Hills and most recently, entertainer Amanda Bynes, who of late has been treated for schizophrenia. This particular group of women developed serious addictions to changing their bodies for various reasons: unrealistic and rather fake ideals, an unstable sense of self, body dysmorphic disorder, traumatic childhoods and other troubling psychological problems and experiences. Addictions of any form are debilitating, especially when the individual in question is vulnerable. Obsessions with shopping and even food also have the ability to ruin our lives, however the fashion and culinary industry are still going strong without getting such bad reputations.

Apart from the horrific side of cosmetic surgery often portrayed in media, plastic surgery can actually greatly improve the lives of both men and women when healthy people get procedures done for the right reasons. Plastic surgeons are board certified medical professionals who take pride in their work and the lives of their patients.

That being said, potential patients should want the change for themselves and the decision to go under the knife should be well thought through, since there is no going back post procedure. Dr. Frank Lista, M.D., F.R.S.C.S., a Toronto-based plastic surgeon who has had brides to be as past clients says "people often do procedures around special events," but he stresses that brides-to-be should not do a procedure only because of their wedding. "It should be because they've actually been wanting to do the treatment for a long time. If this is the case, it makes more sense to do it before a big event."

Dr. Nancy Van Laeken, M.D., FRCSC, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Vancouver who performs breast augmentation, reaffirms this sentiment, “If a woman is doing it for someone else, to save her marriage or to find a boyfriend, she will be unhappy with the results. If she has low self-esteem, augmentation won’t fix it.”

Rather, plastic surgery is a suitable option for women (or men) who are self-confident and happy in their lives, however he or she is looking for a change in hopes of improving her or himself further. Finally, even though surgical addictions get a lot of public attention, performing repeat surgeries and endless procedures on the same person isn’t the norm for plastic surgerons. Perhaps we need to look through a different lense before we take media portrayals of surgery at face value.

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