13 05 greatgatsby ditavontesse hairLearn how to get Dita Von Teese’s 1920s-inspired curls.

Celebrity stylist, John Blaine shares a step-by-step guide for recreating her glamorous hairstyle.  

Click to learn how to get The Great Gatsby inspired makeup look worn by Dita Von Teese. 


Elegant coiffure with John Blaine:

1. Prep your hair by washing with a moisturizing, replenishing shampoo and conditioner for maximum shine and long lasting waves. I recommend Obliphica Professional's Intensive Nourishing Shampoo ($24 US for 275 ml, obliphica.com).

13 05 greatgatsby ditavontesse hair obliphica shampoo

2. Blow dry two-inch sections of your hair with a boar bristle round brush. Begin with your inner layers of hair, curling the brush under the strands to create volume, and curl inward at the ends. 

3. For authentic looking waves, use rollers. But, could also achieve this look using a one-inch curling iron. The section of hair being curled should never exceed the size of the rollers. Beginning at the front of your head in level with your temple, place the roller under a one-inch section of your hair and begin rolling downward toward the tips. Hold it in place using a bobby pin or clip, and spritz a small amount of heat-activated hairspray to the curl.

4. As you move toward the back of your head, begin to strategically drop the starting point of your roller to create a continuous, diagonal wave.

5. Once your head is crowned in rollers, set the curls by using a hairdryer on low heat. This will activate the hairspray for long lasting hold. Then gently remove the rollers one by one, beginning at the undermost layers, and apply one last light layer of hairspray for hold.

6. To finish off, use a bobby pin to pull back a wave or two from your face, or pin a tight curl above the ear.