Decide if its time you rocked long or short hair, like these celebs!

A lot of women feel that as they get older they should cut their hair shorter. Whether it's for simplicity's sake, or due to some idea that mature women shouldn't sport long tresses, we're giving you tips for getting the right hair length with inspiration from some of the most stylish starlets on the red carpet.

Super Long - Julianne Moore - 51 years old

The cut: Julianne has long, shiny, healthy looking hair. The key is to get frequent trims to keep split ends at bay and make sure you have layers for body and movement. Be prepared to pay a bit more for cuts, products and maintenance, compared to your short-haired counterparts. Remember to also take your height into consideration. The taller you are, the more hair you can handle without looking overwhelmed. Julianne wears her hair down with a plunging neckline to really elongate her frame and face, so always remember to take your clothes into consideration when styling.

A colour note: Ask any colourist: red is the toughest colour to get right. And Julianne's red looks perfectly natural on her, even though at this point she's likely getting touch ups to cover a few greys. Talk to your colourist about finding a hue that will work with your skin tone.

celeb hair 1

Shoulder Length - Rachel Weisz - 41 years old

The cut: This length is perfect for those who don't want to do too much work but still want to play with more hair on special occasions. Rachel's oval face shape can work with almost any hair style, but she does have to worry about her face looking too long. Having volume and layers near her collar bone helps maintain her oval face shape by adding some weight near the jaw line. Rachel's fringe keeps the look modern, taking this shoulder length cut up a notch on the style scale. If you have fine hair, you may want to consider a shorter cut that will add more body, volume and movement to your strands.

A colour note: Darker hair colours can work wonders for your complexion, but dying your hair in an intense black shade can really age you. Choose a chocolate brown that is multi-faceted, and it will take years off your look.

celeb hair 2

Shoulder-sweeping Tresses - Jennifer Aniston - 42 years old

The cut: Jennifer has had some of the most iconic haircuts in popular culture, so we couldn't leave her off our list! The shoulder grazing locks she's wearing now give her a sophisticated air, but they can easily work in everyday life. She has a few pieces falling below her jaw line to perfectly frame her face (and even give it the illusion that it's longer and leaner). Plus it's easier and faster to make this look straight or curly since there's less hair to work with. This hair length also hides short necks or wide shoulders well.

A colour note: She's brightened up a simple, sleek cut with great highlights. Pick a great base colour and go with a few tone-on-tone highlights so you get a natural look without going overboard.

celeb hair 3

Chin-length Bob - Charlize Theron - 36 years old

The cut: Nothing about Charlize's look says matronly, and she also proves that those with curls and waves can rock a shorter length 'do! Her soft, face-framing pieces show off her beautiful shoulders and jaw line. Make sure your stylist considers your face shape when cutting. Those with rounder faces will want to keep hair an inch or two below the chin. Longer faces will want to create more width with shorter, shaggier styles that are cut right at chin length.

A colour note: Blondes should always stick to honey tones rather than platinum colours. This will warm up your face and give you a youthful glow, like Charlize. If you do go for a much lighter hue, don't forget to consider lightening your eyebrows a shade or two to brighten your look.

celeb hair 4