Lisa Ray releases her first fragrance, inspired by the sacred Jasmine flowers of India.

160912LisaRayFragance mainSitting across from Ray, you’d have no idea that this stunning actress, philanthropist and cancer survivor divides her time between Hong Kong, Toronto and Mumbai because of her peaceful and passionate aura.

In line with this, The 7 Virtues’ Lisa Ray Jasmine of India ($70, Hudson’s Bay stores, and, a deeply personal fragrance for Ray, is launching on the United Nations International Day of Peace.

“Jasmine flowers are very sacred but common and threaded into everyday life in India,” says Ray. Jasmine flowers are strung up from ceilings in temples all across the diverse country of India and threaded into women’s hair, known as “gajras.” Ray also arranges them in bowls around her flat in Mumbai because, for her, “the jasmine flower is a zen wake-up call—a powerful way to come back to our true selves and inner peace.”

This fragrance project with The 7 Virtues gave her a chance to “subvert the beauty counter to do good.” As Ray explains, “The beauty counter can be a very charged place for women, but to empower women and men [through it] and instead bring them closer to light and their human journey as opposed to making them feel not good enough is simply fascinating.” For Ray, this is what Jasmine of India is. The fragrance opens with top notes of orange and bergamot and Indian jasmine at its heart, while the base dries down to spicy cardamom, myrrh, frankincense and patchouli. Each purchase gives back to the jasmine farmers of India who partner with The 7 Virtues. The Canadian perfume house sources essential oils from regions of the world affected by poverty, war and strife in an attempt to rebuild the economy through the power of scent, ultimately ascribing a sacred significance to fragrance and beauty.