Why we're not feeling Gwen Stefani's newest face procedures. 


Gwen may no longer be a judge on The Voice, but her appearances as a consultant on the show have definitely left a lasting impression on viewers.  After her split with super-babe Gavin Rossdale, a little rejuvenation seemed necessary, but Gwen may have gone a little overboard.  A possible rhinoplasty is old news, but those exaggerated eyebrows Gwen painted on in '97 are now a permanent part of her face (even after it rains).  Her forehead also looks a little too smooth—hello botched Botox! Plus, her cheekbones are outrageously more pronounced and those lips look très lush, making us think she has had some plumping fillers. Whatever Gwen might be doing, let’s hope she slows down before she ends up looking like the real-life version of Elsa from Frozen.