For the sake of saving face and fashion.

kim kardashian not smiling trend

As far as fashion is concerned, we’ve always looked to the runways, but we never expected celebrities to start picking up models’ fierce facial expressions instead of their fashion choices. Flashing a neutral expression in public and even in photos is becoming oddly trendy among Hollywood’s hottest, and now many celebrities flat out refuse to smile in social settings.

Preserving Youth

The Kardashian clan is most notable for keeping this supposed anti-aging exercise on lockdown. Even Baby North seems to have perfected her paparazzi scowl. But it’s her multi-million-dollar mom who took to Instagram to explain her straight face. Kim Kardashian West captioned a photo of herself on Instagram smiling, stating: “See I do smile…even laugh on occasion. Not too often, though, because it causes wrinkles.”

While this may be true, any sort of facial movement causes wrinkles over time, as the skin’s elasticity diminishes with age. The quick fix? “Facial wrinkles can be avoided by using Botox routinely,” says Dr. Philip Solomon, MD, FRCSC, an otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon in Toronto. Smiling causes wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and unfortunately complete wrinkle prevention can’t be obtained by keeping a completely straight face. Botox is best suited to correcting crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes’ glabella region, where smiling
is concerned.

“A healthy lifestyle, avoidance of sun exposure and smoking, and sun protection are crucial to reducing wrinkles and maintaining healthy skin,” says Dr. Solomon. “Avoiding facial expressions is not realistic nor a healthy way to live.”

For the Sake of Fashion

On today’s runways, keeping a neutral facial expression represents a higher status. While it keeps the main focus on the clothing, not the model, smiling is usually saved for attainable commercial fashion rather than intentionally unattainable high fashion.

In an interview with Vogue, Victoria Beckham claimed she was smiling on the inside due to a sense of responsibility she felt to the fashion community. Although Beckham doesn’t look like she’s aged since her Posh Spice days, her lack of smiling does come with a cost that many like her fail to realize.