Learn the hype about waist training, the latest celebrity craze.

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Corset training is all the rage for celebrities like the Kardashians, JWoww and Snooki of Jersey Shore and the beautiful Lily James, who recently starred in Disney's Cinderella. But is it worth it?

Although these waist-cinching garments returned to the forefront recently, corset training draws on the age-old Elizabethan trend used by women to cinch their waists and make their busts appear larger. Modern corsets used for “waist training,” the fitness buzzword, combine the traditional structure of corsets to give the illusion of a tinier waist with the modern technology of compression fabric. Compression fabric encourages thermal activity and perspiration to help stimulate weight and inch loss in the core. The truth about this trend: The fix is temporary. Fat is simply moved to another area of the body for a temporary amount of time.

But the most horrifying part? Waist training encourages women to wear the corset while working out! Um, can you say “OUCH!?!” According to fitness experts, this is a huge no-no as our bodies need as much oxygen as possible during cardio and the use of restrictive garments prevents your lungs from expanding fully. You're better off eating a balanced diet and investing in a personal trainer. After all, there's a reason we stopped wearing gowns with corsets in the 19th century!