Elevate editors choose their top five favourites from the Academy Awards.



15 02 23 Oscars 1

I love how Oprah has paved the way for big hair. Her curls look healthy and natural, not weighed down by too much product, which can be a tricky feat for ringlets like those. I think the warmer shade of brown looks nice with her skin, too. —NL

Emma Stone

15 02 23 Oscars 2

Bold elegance describes Emma’s look last night at the Oscars! Her red locks were pinned up in a soft asymmetrical up do that perfectly complemented her elegant lime green gown and orangey coral lip. Stone's look was a wonderful balance of risk taking and classic beauty elements. —AD


Margot Robbie

15 02 23 Oscars 3

Margot Robbie just taught us all how to wear a red lip. I love the shade; the slight orange undertone really brightens her skin. Definitely a wise choice to go light on the eye makeup, since her bold lip combined with the statement necklace are really the focal points of her look. —NL

Jennifer Lopez

15 02 23 Oscars 4

I must admit, Jennifer’s looks are never on my best lists, but this time her makeup was stunning. Her eyes looks refreshed with peachy neutral shadow and long full lashes paired with an elegant lilac pink lip (which in truth not many women can wear well!). I also love how she made a departure from her usually overly bronzed skin look, kudos Lopez! —AD


Sienna Miller

15 02 23 Oscars 5

Sienna Miller has a gorgeous body. I noticed immediately how toned her arms looked in her sleeveless, body hugging dress. She shows off her body in a tasteful way, without looking over-exposed (ahem, Jennifer Lopez). —NL

Zoe Saldana

15 02 23 Oscars 6

Saldana wore a stunning body conscious blush gown that showed off her curves and amazing post-baby body (she just had twins in December, lets hope pregnancy treats me the same!). I can’t even put into words how much I love her look. —AD


Rosamund Pike

15 02 23 Oscars 7

Rosamund Pike had positively glowing skin last night! With her hair pulled back from her face, her skin looked very smooth and natural. We especially love that she’s embraced her fair complexion, not going overboard with a bronzer. —NL

Jessica Chastain

15 02 23 Oscars 8

When it comes to complexions, Chastain’s milky soft skin stole my heart. Evenly toned and radiant all over her skin was the highlight of her beauty look that was minimalistic and classic.—AD


Kerry Washington

15 02 23 Oscars 9

Kerry Washington looks fantastic—from her toned body to her smooth skin, we’d love to know her beauty secrets! Her lips are full and beautiful, and there is no visible sagging under her eyes, a telltale sign of aging. —NL

Cate Blanchett

15 02 23 Oscars 10

At 45 there is nothing about Ms. Blanchett that doesn’t look good. From her beautiful figure in the frayed edge John Galliano gown, to her stunning pearlescent skin and au natural makeup look, Blanchett shows other women how to embrace their age and emanate exquisite class 24/7! —AD