An expert weighs in on whether or not these celeb hunks have gone under the knife.

Just like their female counterparts, male celebrities are constantly photographed, in the public eye and critiqued for their physical appearances. Not surprisingly, they also feel pressure to slow down physical signs of aging in order to maintain their sex appeal.

Although many stars will deny cosmetic surgery accusations by the press, it’s hard to believe their claims when a celebrity looks drastically different than when he or she first appeared in the spotlight.

Dr. Peter Bray of Elements Wellness & Medispa in Windsor, Ontario provides us with some insight on whether there’s any truth to the plastic surgery rumours surrounding the following six of Hollywood’s leading men and what procedures they may have had done.

1) Brad Pitt

Pitt secured his status as one of the sexiest male actors alive,after first appearing on the big screen in the ‘90s. He’s continues to remain in the spotlight without losing any of his appeal spawning rumours that he’s gone under the knife to maintain his appearance. “His brow position is slightly elevated and with a subtle change in shape. These changes, combined with a reduction in the "crow's feet" point to, at minimum, treatment with Botox. Maintenance of his facial volume and softening of the depth of the tear-trough area are all likely due to treatment with injectable fillers. He may also have had augmentation of his chin as well. Overall he looks refreshed and the changes are tasteful although some may prefer the more haggard, edgy look he has sported in the past,” says Dr. Bray.

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2) George Clooney

In addition to Clooney’s long and successful acting career, he also keeps his role as a Hollywood heartthrob as he aged in the spotlight. The Oscar winner quipped in the past about people thinking he was 60, so it’s not surprising that  some speculate that he’s undergone eyelift surgery to slow down physical aging.. “George continues to look great, having aged well, looking more distinguished than elderly. He has been restrained with cosmetic interventions and has no obvious signs of surgery. While the wrinkles surrounding his eyes appear reduced in these photos, they do not show any appreciable changes that cannot be accounted for by different facial expressions and lighting conditions,” suggests Dr. Bray.

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3) Zac Efron

At the time of his breakout role in the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, Efron was barely out of high school himself. Since then, he’s graduated from child star to adult heartthrob. While the change in his appearance may just be growing up, it’s been rumoured that Efron had a rhinoplasty. “He has had a rhinoplasty with changes including a narrower base, less broad dorsum and tip. The overall proportions of his nose are natural and the change is effective,” comments Dr. Bray.

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4) Tom Cruise

Over the years there’s been plastic surgery speculation surrounding Cruise ranging from rhinoplasty to liposuction to laser skin treatment. The aging actor denies such accusations, but recently appeared at events with a puffy face that the media suspects is caused by his overuse of fillers. “His cheeks are fuller, showing reduction in the typical loss of volume occurring over time. This change was most likely achieved with an injectable filler product, although fat injection is another possibility. In my opinion the effect is slightly excessive, giving him a look that is overly-cherubic for a mature man and discordant with the age-appropriate changes in other parts of his face,” explains Dr. Bray.

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5) Ryan Gosling

Gosling has come a long way from his Mickey Mouse Club days and Canadian TV roles. Now one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols, it’s speculated that the actor, director and sometimes musician went under the knife and had a rhinoplasty done before reaching his current superstar status.“He has had a rhinoplasty involving narrowing of the dorsum, hump reduction, and upturn of the tip. The new proportions are a better match for his face and more refined,” says Dr. Bray. 

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