Did the following celebrities go under the knife? An expert weighs in.

Our favourite celebrities are constantly being photographed, so it’s not surprising that they feel tremendous pressure to maintain their youthful appearance as they age in the public eye.

While they may deny that they’ve had any cosmetic surgery, there’s no denying that some stars’ looks are drastically different than when they first appeared in the spotlight.

Dr. Martie S. Gidon, cosmetic dermatologist at Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa in Toronto, provides us with some insight on whether or not there may be any truth to the plastic surgery rumours surrounding following stars, and which procedures may have contributed to their changed images.

Renée Zellwegger

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Zellwegger has had multiple rumours of surgery surround her, but the actress has denied that she has had any work done, specifically Botox, as well as chin and eye surgery.

“A neuromodulator such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin can relax crow’s feet and forehead and frown lines, weaken the masseter muscles to achieve narrowing of the jawline, and can smooth and soften the chin and lip lines. Heavy upper eyelids can be improved by blepharoplasty or Thermage,” says Dr. Gidon.

Megan Fox

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Fox may be only 26, but the actress looks dramatically different—not to mention significantly older—than when she first came into the limelight, but has rejected reports that she transformed her look with cosmetic procedures.

“Megan has lost some of her baby fat so her cheeks are not as full but are still youthful-looking. Neuromodulators can prevent lines and wrinkles from forming. Lips can be enhanced with filler and her smooth complexion can be achieved with chemical peels or a mild laser, such as the Clear + Brilliant. The bridge of her nose has been narrowed and the tip is more refined,” suggests Dr. Gidon.

Ashley Judd

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Judd slammed reports that she had cheek injections and claimed her puffy cheeks were a side effect to the medication she was taking for a sinus infection and not a result of a botched surgery.

“Her smooth forehead may be the result of a neuromodulator, but her crow’s feet and dimpling of the chin are natural. Loss of volume in the marionette lines can be treated with filler. Her cheeks are much plumper than before and could be attributed to weight gain, cortisone medication or fillers. Her lips look very natural,” comments Dr. Gidon.

Lil’ Kim

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Rapper Lil’ Kim is almost unrecognizable from when she made her debut in the ‘90s but her reps have denied she’s had work done on her eyelids and nose as well as fillers and skin lightening.

“[If she did have surgery] Surgical procedures would include removal of eyelid bags, and narrowing of the nose and lips. Implants and fillers can enhance cheeks, and her smooth complexion can be achieved with light chemical peels,” says Dr. Gidon.

Lindsay Lohan

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In addition to her legal troubles and exploits, the troubled actress and former child star has also made headlines for her physical transformation and is suspected to have had lip injections, along with Botox, dermal fillers in her cheeks and a rhinoplasty.

“Her lips and cheeks have been enhanced with fillers. She has had a rhinoplasty with lifting and thinning of the tip of her nose and her crow’s feet and frown lines can be relaxed with a neuromodulator,” comments Dr. Gidon.