13 09 perfect bra fit instructionLearn the golden rules for fit and form when searching for an impeccable bra.  

Eighty per cent of us are wearing the wrong size of bra underneath our well-put-together outfits. We deal with cups that are too small, bands that leave red marks and underwires that dig into our skin.

Two industry experts explain how to spot the wrong fitand find the best bra for you.



Step 1. Look for smooth cups.
Your bra’s cups should be wrinkle free. If not, you may need a smaller cup size.

13 09 perfect bra fit instruction 1

Step 2. The shoulders should be comfortable.
Adjust your straps so that they don’t make indentations in your shoulders.

13 09 perfect bra fit instruction 2

Step 3: Focus on band support.
The band of your bra should sit lower on your back and not ride up to your shoulder blades.

13 09 perfect bra fit instruction 3

Step 4: Underwire placement is important.
The underwire should rest against your ribcage, follow the curve of your breast and be free from digging or pinching your skin.

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Get a professional bra fitting, or do it yourself!

The ill-fitting culprits are lying disguised in our lingerie drawers so it’s time to seek some guidance. Getting a bra fitting can help determine what size you should be buying and wearing. “An expert in bra fitting is able to not only properly measure you and determine your correct bra size, but is also experienced and knows how to personally fit bras,” vouches Karine Allard, senior design manager at WonderBra.

But if you don’t feel comfortable enough to get a fitting in a lingerie store, you could do your own at home.

La Vie en Rose’s Emilie Gentes explains: “Measure around your ribcage directly under the bust in inches. Add four inches to an even number or five to an odd number. The final number will be the bra band size. Secondly, measure around the fullest point of your breast. The difference between this number and the band size will give you your cup size; one inch for an A cup, two inches for a B cup and so on.”

Invest in new technology.

Our ultimate goal is to own comfortable undergarments and new designs now make that easier than ever. “Every year there is something new on the market,” declares Allard. “One of the recent innovations is a special type of fabric knitted three-dimensionally. Breathable and incredibly light, it offers all the advantages of foam, but is much lighter, keeps you fresh and doesn’t add any volume.”

La Vie en Rose has added malleability to their products. “Recently, we added two news styles with cups made of memory foam,” says Gentes. “The advancement has been in the arrival of microfibres. The cup linings are flexible and have a light underwire with seamless cut technologies, as seen in the memory foam.” (Pictured to the right and available at la Vie en Rose).

Take care of your bras so they last longer.

How do you get the most out of your brand-new, perfect-fitting bra? “Ideally, you should only hand wash, air dry and refrain from using the dryer,” says Allard. Gentes agrees. “We recommend using a wash bag, which will keep your bras separate while protecting them from the rest of your laundry load. Detergent with bleach ruins the quality of the moulded cup, the elasticity and the lace. Try a frabric care wash created to restore and clean delicate items.”