toned bum

For a firmer backside, we went to Miryah Scott, a brand ambassabor for BodyLogix and two-time WWTK winner for tips.

Exercise Tips:

Squats and lunges are staple exercises to help you get a toned tush. To target your glutes and protect your joints here are a couple tips to keep in mind while doing these exercises:

  • Be careful to not let your knees go over your toes
  • Push through your heels
  • Keep your squats wide and low

Watch these Bodylogix videos online to perfect your form:
Bodylogix Alternating Bench Step Downs (female)
Kneeling Arm and Leg Extension (female)

Diet Tips:

Set up for success: It's always best to plan your diet and prepare your meals ahead of time. Protein shakes are a quick and portable snack that helps give you the nutrition you need. Try pairing a protein shake, with a piece of fruit or some nuts and you've got a meal that will tide you over for hours.

Stay hydrated: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but keep in mind that all liquids are not created equal. For example, soda and coffee do not count towards your water intake. Add variety to your water by adding lemon juice or tea bags. Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty, so staying hydrated can actually help you say on track with your diet. Try: New Bodylogix Protein H20 is a refreshing, hydrating beverage with no sugar or fat, only 60 calories, and health benefits like 10 grams of high&ndashquality whey protein (to boost metabolism and energy), five grams of fibre (to keep you feeling fuller longer), electrolytes (to keep you hydrated) and vitamins.

Portion and balance your meals: Meals should consist of clean protein, carbohydrates and fats in the proper proportions. Some good choices are egg whites, chicken, fish, oatmeal, rice, quinoa, nuts, avocado, and omega oils. It's not always easy to get proper nutrition from food alone, so supplementation of daily vitamins and protein shakes are easy ways to manage portion control and balance your meals.

Timing is everything: Eat breakfast every morning, even if you don't feel hungry. Breakfast helps get your metabolism going and avoids putting your body into starvation mode, preventing fat storage. Eat small meals every 2&ndash3 hours &ndash this keeps your energy up and your metabolism moving. The last meal of the day should not be the biggest (breakfast should be).Think of food as fuel: if you're going to bed, you don't need a full tank to keep you going.

Miryah's favourite Bodylogix Shake Recipe:
Mixed Berry Shake
1 serving of Bodylogix Protein powder in Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 cup skim milk
Directions: Add all ingredients to blender. Blend on high until desired thickness is achieved. Add water as needed.