No more excuses! We recently discovered Bodylogix, a new line of nutrition products that makes getting in shape a no–brainer.

You'll still have to pull on your sweats and move, but the products give you free access to the Bodylogix website, where customized workouts and a personal trainer can get you closer to that six–pack. The line includes Protein H20 water, vitamins, supplements and whey powders, plus it's available at Shoppers Drug Mart so you can kickstart your workouts while avoiding those intimidating stores.

The protein powder for women offers a unique blend of vitamins (including 500 mg of calcium per serving) to strengthen bones and prevent fatigue. We like the H20 flavoured protein water ($2.49) since it's healthier than Vitamin Water – at only 60 cals, it packs 10g of protein and 5g of fibre in one sugar–free bottle. Miryah Scott, a fitness model and ambassador for Bodylogix maintains her enviable abs by using the site to watch hundreds of exercise tutorials and browse healthy recipes. "The personalized program is designed specifically for me so I know the choices I'm given will help me stay on track," she says. Scott also suggests eating small meals frequently—every two–three hours—to give your metabolism a boost. "Incorporate a three–prong approach to health and fitness which includes exercise, a healthy diet and supplementation. By doing these three things you can create the body of your dreams," she says. There's also a Bodylogix iTunes app so you can tone up anywhere. –MR