3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body typeNobody likes shopping for jeans. Here's our guide to finding the perfect fit.

Editor Amanpreet Dhami enlisted denim experts Eric Wazana of Second Yoga Jeans and Michelle Germain, owner of Shop Girls, a Toronto boutique, to help her find the perfect pair of jeans and give you the tools to seek out denim that enhances your assets.

Although I love clothes shopping, when it comes to buying denim my self esteem, and patience, tend to take a major hit. I hate spending hours in a cramped change room hurling unflattering pairs of jeans to the floor in a panic, only to come out with a mediocre pair that still make my love handles spill over.

But when I recently visited Shop Girls boutique in Toronto (shopgirls.ca), experts Michelle Germain and Eric Wazana focused on helping me shop for my body shape, instead of trying to fight it. It turns out I’m a triangle, which means I need to find jeans that help to slim out my bottom half and emphasize my slender upper body. And in the end, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out with a pair of 29-inch waist, high-rise straight legs, rather than my go-to mid-rise skinnies. I’ve gone high-rise and won’t look back. Here’s how you can make denim shopping a more positive experience, too!

3 Tips Rock Your Body Shape

1. Try a new rise

When it comes to the type of rise you choose, Germain tells women to try something new: “Don’t be afraid to go the high-rise route. We’re so conditioned to wear low rises, but even with little tiny girls they look horrible! High-rises sit at the right spot to hide all the small imperfections most of us want to conceal, so be open to that. Mid-rises are so 2005! Just because jeans are high-rises doesn’t mean they are mom or grandma jeans.”

2. Choose the right wash.

Generally darker tones lengthen and slim the silhouette for stronger builds, and where colours are concerned jewel tones provide a more forgiving physique. For add-ons like zippers or decorative elements, avoid anything that tends to add bulk. Also, back pockets with flaps or buttons naturally draw attention to your behind and most women don’t want to make their bum look bigger.

3. Wear what feels good

“Three out of the six body shapes tend to be more common with women, [circle, triangle and hourglass] as naturally women are heavier at the bottom,” says Germain. But remember, “there are no hard and fast rules on what style to wear. Other factors, such as your lifestyle and personality, come into play” when making purchase decisions. Plus, if you hate a style, don’t simply choose it because it fits your body type! After all, if you feel good in a pair of jeans, you’ll also look as good as you feel.”

Choose the Right Jeans for Your Body Type


Her shoulders and hips are the same width, so she’s not an hourglass, but her waist has a bit of definition in it.

The Jeans:  For her any style can fit. She can be creative and go with a pair that fits her lifestyle. Yet choice can be overwhelming, and traditional boot-cut jeans are a safe choice. Try coloured denim, high-rise, bootcut in Mocha, $120.


3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body type 1


Thin and petite all over, she has an athletic body type, with no definition at the waist and shoulders, and hips that are of equal width.

The Jeans: Skinny jeans in many finishes and colours let her strut her stuff. Try Leatherette, high-rise slim in black,$128.

 3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body type 2


Round in the middle with narrow wrists and beautiful legs, she usually gains weight in her mid section and has a higher-sitting waist.

The Jeans: High-rise skinnies emphasize her assets. Try Yoga Jean, high-rise skinny, ankle with a zip in rinse indigo, $120.

 3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body type 3


“The triangle shaped woman is wider through the hips, with a smaller upper body,” says Germain. She usually gains weight in the lower half of her body.

The Jeans: Straight leg, high-rises even out and elongate her shape. Try Coloured Denim, high-rise, straight in ocean, $120.

3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body type 4


“You know those women with wide shoulders and no bum, well this is her,” says Germain. Her hips tend to be straight and narrower than her shoulders. She may complain of sometimes feeling like a football player.

The Jeans: The modern flair balances out her smaller lower body. Try Core Yoga Jean mid-rise flair in classic blue, $120.

 3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body type 5

Hour Glass

With a tiny waist, and proportionate shoulders and hips, she is known for her curves.

The Jeans: Slim-leg high-rises show off those sexy curves. Try Yoga Jean sky rise, slim cut in ink, $118.

 3 02 jean buying guide best round pear body type 6