With awareness about the importance of a healthy scalp growing, haircare companies bring this commonly neglected area to the forefront in new launches.

A healthy scalp is the foundation for thick and luscious hair. Similar to our skin, the scalp needs attention—especially if you’re experiencing irrita- tion or thinning hair. Think of your scalp as the soil that a plant grows in; the more nourished the soil, the better crop—or in this case, the better the head of hair. Here are some of the top scalp nourishing helpers to integrate into your regimen this fall.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Capillaire ($96, one2oneonline.com)











Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner ($19.99, viviscal.ca and Shoppers Drug Mart) 



Although it’s pretty common to wash your hair before bed and let it air dry, this is allows for sebum to develop, which in turn clogs hair fol- licles on your scalp. Either avoid the night-time shampoo, or simply blow dry your hair to keep your scalp free of additional oil-related clogging.



Avoid applying styling products close to and on the scalp area in order. This will help keep the scalp free of product buildup, which can stagnate hair growth. 


Did you know that before hair colouring became popular in the beauty industry, hair colour was listed as a passport requirement? Hair dyeing used to be relatively rare, especially as the chemicals used early on were often dan- gerously harsh. However, with improved ingredients and changing beauty trends, at- home hair colour became so popular by the late 1960s that hair colour no longer was a prerequisite for passports. 



Your hair never smelled so good. Don’t you just love the way your hair smells when it’s newly washed and styled? We sure do. Keep the fresh locks going on with Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Fragrance ($50, professional salons). With four fragrances to choose from that match four different Kerasilk range scents (Control, Reconstruct, Repower and Color), you’ll be able to transport back to the vibe of your relaxing morning shower with just a couple of sprays. Plus, since these sensual and complex note blends are made by haircare pros, they also offer nourishing shine and texture to your mane. Treat your senses to a beautiful aroma while you pamper your locks with some TLC!