We've fallen head over heels for Waxon Waxbar and here's why.

3 Reasons to Love Waxon Waxbar

Lexi Miles opened the first Waxon Waxbar (waxon.ca) when she noticed wax bars popping up in the U.S. and wanted to offer Canadian women a premium environment for hair removal services without the astronomical spa price tag. Now, five years later, there are seven Waxon Waxbar locations across Ontario, with an eighth opening in London, Ontario, in May, and more growth on the horizon. Here’s why you need to try Waxon Waxbar this summer.

1. They Offer the "Gold" Standard

Waxon sets itself apart from other wax bars through the use of their “exclusive gold wax from Europe that contains titanium dioxide, which soothes the skin, and mica, which enables the wax to grip the hair better so that it’s less painful,” says Miles. The wax also has a lower temperature, so waxologists may use it up to eight times to get rid of fuzz, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

3 Reasons to Love Waxon Waxbar

2. Hot on the Trends

Because of her success, Miles knows what’s up when it comes to the most coveted wax services. Over the past year, she has seen arm waxing ($20 for half, $30 for full) grow in popularity. “Once you start doing them, you realize how much better and leaner they look,” she says, clarifying that they don’t require the same maintenance as below-the-belt services. “The regrowth is really nothing and never prickly.” A close runner-up: “Nostril waxing [$11], makes a big difference in both men and women, is painless and reduces the need for trims.”

3.  No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Waxon uses three different kinds of wax depending on what area of the body is going hair-free, because “Yes, you are more sensitive in different areas. However, 50 per cent of a good wax is the in-between maintenance,” says Miles. Pro Tip: Exfoliate skin between wax jobs to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs and keep these areas hydrated.

Waxon Waxbar has locations across the GTA, in London and in Halifax. Head to www.waxon.ca to find a location near you.

3 Reasons to Love Waxon Waxbar

Photos: Waxon Wabar, Paul C.