We asked doctors and medical aestheticians to share the best non-invasive neck treatments for every age concern.

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The skin of the neck is delicate and ages more quickly than other areas of the body, so it's no surprise that new treatments are surfacing to combat neck-specific issues. If you're currently hiding your neck under turtleneck sweaters and scarves to stay warm, it's the perfect time to try some of these non-invasive neck treatments—especially with plunging necklines trending among A-list celebrities and fashionistas on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Neck Treatments for Your 20s

Concern: Silhouette

When it comes to necks, patients in their 20s spend less time worrying about how their skin is aging and are typically more concerned with the appearance of their profile image. Creating a steeper contour and banishing stubborn fat from the chin is a common reason why twenty-somethings finds themselves in the medical clinic. When it comes to double chins, Dr. Lisa Kellett, MD, FRCP, DABD of DLK on Avenue in Toronto recommends Belkyra. Belkyra is a new-to-Canada injectable treatment that destroys the membranes of fat cells to redefine the jawline and slim the chin without surgery. The body is able to naturally process the dead fat cells over the weeks that follow. “Most patients will need two to four treatments, done approximately every four weeks,” says Dr. Kellett.

Neck Treatments for Your 30s

Concern: Neck bands

Patients in their 30s are not likely experiencing skin laxity in the neck, but other signs of aging may be circling. “We see some patients in this age group who are unsatisfied with the look of what they refer to as ‘neck bands,’” says Dr. Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC, of The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Toronto. “Neck bands” are a ring-like thickening of the platysma muscle due to continual con- traction. Believe it or not, there is a fix for this issue. “Botox can be precisely injected into the muscles to relax them and lessen their appearance,” says Dr. Lista. “Additionally, skin can sometimes appear to droop less once the muscle band has been relaxed.”

Neck Treatments for Your 40s

Concern: Texture changes

Skin laxity and textural changes in the jawline are the most common signs of aging for patients in their 40s. Natasha Cuzner, medical aesthetician d and owner of The Vanity Lab in Vancouver, suggests that the 40s are a time to begin more aggressive treat- ments, such as fractional resurfacing on the neck. “Each treatment stimu- lates the body to create new tissue, which smooths away fine lines and uneven texture,” says Cuzner.

Better yet, pairing fractional with platelet-rich plasma rejuvenation (PRP), more popularly known asthe“vampirefacial,”justmight be the ticket to keeping your neck fine-line-free.
PRP treatments harvest super-nutrients and growth factors from your very own blood that are then injected into your facial skin and neck area by our experienced physician,” says Cuzner. A series of three treatments about one month apart should give your skin “a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved texture, increased fullness and overall healthi- er-looking skin,” says Cuzner.

Neck Treatments for Your 50s+

Concern: Skin Laxity

Patients on a mission to firm up their necks without surgery can look to laser skin tightening to see real results. “By using a deep heat, this treatment basically creates a controlled wound- healing effect in the deep dermal layers of the skin,” says Cuzner. “The body then rebuilds and creates new connections within the collagen elastin matrix, leaving the skin firmer and tighter.”

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

Treatment Cost
Belkyra for double chin $1,200
Botox for neck bands $150 to $175
Fractional Resurfacing treatment $750
Platelet-rich plasma rejuvenation $1,000
Laser skin tightening $200

3 Skincare Products that Will Make You Want to Wear a V-Neck

Nothing beats good skin care. There are a surprising number of ways to improve your delicate neck’s appearance, but it’s unanimous that keeping up with your skin-care routine is important! As they say, your face ends at your chest, so be sure to apply your serums and SPF all the way own the neck and chest. SPF is “the foundation for maintaining youthful-looking skin for the rest of your life and a great preventive measure,” says Dr. Lista. “Don’t forget to apply your skin care to the neck, as it’s equally susceptible to acne, dryness, and signs of aging.”

Here are our top three skin-care picks for a youthful-looking neck: