Style your locks like a learning from the pros with one-on-one styling classes!

160923 prostyling mainEveryone loves that millionaire feeling you get after walking out of a salon appointment: Your cut and colour are fresh and you got a killer blowout. But just like that, the feeling is gone on the first day you wash your hair at home (if you’re like me) when you’re struggling with your blowdryer and round brush in hand as you peruse the overwhelming collection of styling products you’ve incurred over the past year. Before you start crying in frustration (okay, maybe that’s just me), know that hope exists for your lack of styling ability.

Evolve Hair Studio (, located in Toronto, offers a unique service of DIY styling classes to empower you to have a beautiful mane in between your regular salon visits. Sonia Yarkhani and her team offer six different one-on-one styling classes including the Bangin Blowout, among other common everyday styles. The class includes a customized hair care card that reviews what you are already using (clients are encouraged to bring their own styling tools and products to get the most out of their sessions), with product reccomendations and a 15 per cent discount on all Kevin.Murphy products (because chances are, you’re using something that isn’t giving you the results you want).

After this initial consultation and a wash, you’re given step-by-step one-on-one instruction with a stylist who helps guide you through the styling process and correct you throughout. You even get an instructional cue card to take home with you so you can retain all of the special tips and techniques

“With a blowout, the biggest challenge everyone faces is learning how a brush and blowdryer work together,” says Yarkhani, who aims to break bad hairstyling habits in order to give you an efficient way to style your hair” on a day-to-day basis. “It’s my duty to teach my clients how to do their hair.” Yarkhani likens the skills you gain to the essential five-minute face routine (once you’ve mastered the blowout it should take no longer than 20 minutes tops). And guess what? After hanging with Yarkhani and learning her tips, I’m almost there!

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