Finding new outfits can be frustrating when you're constantly trying to determine your body shape. Here's an easy way to find the perfect

SmitheryBodyTypes mainAre you tired of being called an apple or a pear when you’re shopping for a new wardrobe? What exactly does that even mean?

Smithery ( puts an end to your frustration by implementing a logical way to determine your body type (and a much more flattering lettering system!), so you’ll be able to assemble outfits that flatter your shape and fit you properly.

Chief style smiths Rena and Mavis created the Smithery online shopping experience because they saw a need for some direction in the shopping market: There are always plenty of options to buy clothing online but not a lot of advice on how to choose the garments themselves.

The items available to purchase are photographed on real women of various shapes and labelled according to which body type they suit to make the online shopping experience as realistic and smooth—and fun—as possible.

Stocking up your wardrobe for the fall season just got a bit more exciting!

Check out Smithery's shape finder guide to discover which letter you are and start getting the perfect, flattering fit.

Next task: Get your perfect-fitting bra.