Our body-concsious style guide offers styles to flatter any shape.

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The holidays are a hectic time of year to say the least—with all of the gifts to purchase, food to prepare, and social engagements galore: the last thing you want to be stressing over is your holiday outfit. Often fashion trends seem impractical especially when you want to look stunning and age appropriate--afterall you are sharing the holidays with some of the most important people in your life. Choose flattering shapes and textiles for your holiday ensemble this year that celebrate where you are in life with the help of Cori Burchell, a personal style coach in Toronto to make your outfit outstanding this year.

We all have insecurities, but that shouldn’t stop us from feeling confident and sexy. “If you have any type of body issue that you’re uncomfortable with, the trick is to draw attention away from that area. Bring attention to another part of your body that you do love ... emphasize your great legs if you don’t feel comfortable showing your arms. Highlight your petite frame if you have a small bust,” suggests Burchell.

Style for your 30s

Be bold—take holiday fashion as an opportunity to try that cute dress or top that might be out of your comfort zone. Concerned about belly bulge? “Look for shapes that gently skim over your body, showing your feminine shape, but nothing too tight. Wear a bold statement necklace or earrings to deliberately draw attention upwards, to your face and neckline. Think bold or sparkly or really colourful,” suggests Burchell.

Holiday Style Inspiration:

Necklace, Hillberg & Berk ($595, Hillberg & Berk boutiques): These jewel tones add a beautiful pop of colour and draw the eye upwards towards the face.

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Cityscape Dress, Pink Tartan ($395, Hudson’s Bay, pinktartan.com): We love that this dress isn’t body-hugging, yet still offers shape and contour to flatter.

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Nursing Bra, Mayana Geneviere ($110, visit mayanageneviere.com for a complete list of retailers): Who says nursing bras can’t be beautiful? The lace detail will make you feel elegant and sexy.

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Style for your 40s

This season is all about clean lines and classic shapes—choose pieces that are fitted, but comfortable to move in. Unhappy with your upper arms? “Think layers – wear a v-neck sleeveless top or camisole with a lace jacket. When trying on tops, pay close attention to where the sleeve hem lands on 
your arm... you don’t want it to stop at the widest part of your arm. Ideally it should stop at the thinnest part of your upper arm. If the sleeve length isn’t flattering, take it to a tailor and have the sleeves shortened...it’s usually a fairly simple alteration and can make all the difference in the world,” advises Burchell. A pair of beautiful pumps will elongate your legs, and make your calves look toned.

Holiday Style Inspiration:

Top, Banana Republic ($74, Banana Republic): This v-neck is beautiful on it’s own, or can be layered under a cardigan or blazer.

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Skirt, Ted Baker London ($248, Ted Baker London stores): Florals aren’t just for warmer climates! This is a beautiful statement piece, and you can easily pull colour tones for accessories from the colours of the flowers. BONUS: Ted Baker London is opening a second location in the Toronto Eaton’s Centre this year!

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Lingere, WonderBra ($40, bra; $20, bottoms, Sears): WonderBra is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year! We love the feminine shape that this bra has and the support it offers.

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Booties, Rockport ($220, Rockport stores): Heels will elongate your legs, and these booties will keep you comfortable and supported all night! They work well with a skirt, dress or pants.

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Style for your 50s+

You want to look sexy and sophisticated, incorporating trendy elements without letting them take over your look completely: “Eclectic and bold, dramatic choices usually look amazing on older 
women ... we have the confidence to pull off dramatic fashion choices. Think bold jewelry – statement necklaces or earrings are a great place to 
start. Look for an artistic piece, one that will draw attention and be 
remarkable,” suggest Burchell. She also says: “Choose one area of your body to show a bit of skin--not more than one. If you have a nice bust line or great legs, show them off, just not both at the same time.” Try a jumpsuit this year—a bold fashion choice that can still provide coverage and comfort.

Holiday Style Inspiration:

Jumpsuit, Adition Elle ($120, Adition Elle): This black jumpsuit is a great blank canvas that allows you to add your own personality to your outfit with anything from colourful jewelry, pumps, a printed scarf or even an edgy jacket.

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Lingere, WonderBra ($31.99, bra; $22, bottoms, Sears): These underwear not only look gorgeous, but they fit snugly without feeling too tight. You won’t see any lines through your dress or pants, either.

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Dress, Ted Baker London ($848, Ted Baker London Stores): This maxi dress is a show-stopper. The dress provides full coverage but is still figure flattering, and the gold accents are the perfect touch of glamour.

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Bracelet, Hillberg & Berk ($325, Hillberg & Berk boutiques): This chunky wrap-bracelet is the perfect holiday accessory, since it pairs nicely with silver and white or yellow gold.

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Necklace, Jenny Bird ($150, jennybird.com): This dramatic necklace looks best with a higher neckline. Since it’s essentially wearing a piece of art, be ready for the compliments!

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