Essential at-home methods for body hair removal designed for you and your guy.

For Him:

A pain-free method for him to get rid of unsightly body hair on the chest, back or anywhere else he (or you) may not want to see it, Nair for Men Cream Hair Remover for Body, ($10.99, at drugstores) smells fresh and masculine (that’s right, no rotten egg odour typical of many hair removal creams). Simply apply the cream in a thick layer on areas where he wants get to rid of unwanted hair and leave on for eight minutes (15 minutes if it’s really coarse hair, or advise him to saturate the hair with warm water for several minutes before applying). Gently wipe it off with a washcloth and lukewarm water and his skin will be soft and hair-free. Plus, he won’t yelp in pain during the process—perfect!

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For You:

The Philips SatinSoft Epilator, ($79.99, Walmart) offers convenient hair removal at home that lasts longer than shaving. If you weren’t able to start a course of laser hair removal this year, an epilator is an easy way to reduce the intensity of your hair growth because it pulls hair from the root. What we love most? It can be used both wet and dry, making it easy to use in your normal shower routine. It only takes 30 minutes to recharge, and there’s a special massage attachment to make it feel a bit more pleasant. (However, we must admit it’s still painful in tender areas, such as the underarms and bikini line.) Finally, the reusable nature of the epilator means less money spent on razors and shaving cream. Still not convinced? Well, this may help: Two of the Elevate team members test-drove the SatinSoft Epilator and are now permanent converts. Goodbye, shaving!

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